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    Electric Cars In India

    The list of Electric cars in India include Tata Nexon EV (₹ 13.99 Lakh), MG ZS EV (₹ 21.00 Lakh) and Hyundai Kona Electric (₹ 23.79 Lakh). Check out the latest prices, images, reviews & specifications of the Electric cars.

    Top 7 Electric Cars

    Tata Nexon EV ₹ 13.99 Lakh
    MG ZS EV ₹ 21.00 Lakh
    Hyundai Kona Electric ₹ 23.79 Lakh
    Tata Tigor EV ₹ 10.58 Lakh
    Jaguar I-Pace ₹ 1.06 Crore
    Mercedes-Benz EQC ₹ 1.04 Crore
    Jaguar I-Pace ₹ 1.50 Crore

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    FAQs on Electric Cars

    Q: Which are the popular electric cars in India

    Top 3 popular electric cars in India are Tata Nexon EV, MG ZS EV and Hyundai Kona Electric. To checkout the complete list of electric cars, click here

    Q: Are there any hybrid cars available in India

    Yes. There are hybrid cars available in India. Top 3 hybrid cars are MG Hector, MG Hector Plus and Toyota Vellfire. To checkout the complete list of hybrid cars, click here

    Q: Are there any upcoming electric cars in India

    Yes. There are upcoming electric cars in India. Nissan Leaf EV, Audi e-tron and Tata Tiago EV are the upcoming electric cars which are planned to launch soon in India. To checkout the complete list of all electric cars, click here

    Electric Cars User Reviews

    • 1 month experience.. With nexon ev
      It is amazing car. Its environment friendly and I love it. Guys if you want to stop the green house effect and reduce the pollution iI would recommend to buy this strong, beautiful, smart car that save your money and also environment.
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    • Value for money electric car by Tata.
      I bought Nexon EV 2 months ago. I was always interested in electric cars therefore after examining various product and waiting after launch of each one to judge the response, we finally decided to go "vocal for local" and buy Nexon EV. Other rivals are better in terms of all aspects but it doesn't make any sense to buy them because though they have cheaper running cost as every electric it costs the same as buying ICE car of same segment and spending on maintenance and fuel. On the other hand Nexon offers value for money package with decent features. Approximate range according to my driving with AC ,music system etc always switched on. 1. City : 200-220 km 2. Highway: 160-175km Pros : 1. It is a good looking car and has superior build quality. I had an accident and I did not use my insurance, vehicle was in good condition on the other hand opponent's car got crushed and had to tow his vehicle. 2. Has superb ride quality and insulation. Very peaceful to drive. Has more than enough ground clearance. 3. Interior quality is up to the mark and seats are extremely comfortable. 4.Performance is superb ,sports mode is addictive for torque lovers. 5.It is a perfect primary vehicle if you have secondary vehicle. 6. It has low running cost(1-1.5 Rs/km) and no dependency of fuel station. 7.Connected features offered gives peace of mind. Cons: 1. It can't be only car to own due to under developing charging infrastructure and insufficient range. 2. Range is not sufficient for long runs more than 160 km even if you have fast charger on the way as time spend on charging is too much. Eg (Pune- Kolhapur). 3. Infotainment system is a bit laggy, reverse camera and overall resolution of screen is not as good as other brands. 4. Due to extreme torque on offer wheel spin may eat your tyres early. Lack of much needed traction control system is evident.
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    • For nature lovers
      This is the car with zero air pollution...this car loves nature as am I. Everyone should go for this car. 1 Indian manufacturers 2 eco friendly 3 pocket friendly not too big for parking space. kind of car with everything you want. Thank you Tata motors Ltd
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    • Super car for valuable for money.
      Recently purchased this car, driver comfort, providing powerful engine give freshness, leg space is awesome, boot space good, unique design Company should thing about the mileage that will better.
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    • This Car has the potential to change your mind about EVs forever
      One of the best cars I've Ever driven. It'll blow your mind. Pros: Silent, Build Quality, Ride Quality - Smooth and Supple Low Cost of ownership vis-à-vis both petrol and diesel cars. Interior looks feels great, Love with the white color The ICE car is rated 5 stars in the crash test - EV hasn't been tested yet though ,The color - looks mind-blowing in the real world. Green number plate - Value for money. I mean for your daily intra-city commute, why anyone would consider any other car.
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    • Nice drive but mileage drops on highway
      Mileage drops by 20% with AC on, and a further 20% on a highway. Max range of 320 drops to only about 240 on a highway with AC. Not suitable for long drives, and only city driving, for which it is too expensive.
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    • Awesome
      Now a days petrol prices are raising day by day, so we want to implement for electric car Save pollution in city and smooth drive for the feature life, Nice investment for the feature. Don't miss the awesome car book again as soon as possible Don't miss the chance, Have a nice day
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    • Best ev car in india
      Very good experience Awesome car in the planet , best car ever I driven, awesome power and good charging features, feels like we are in a flight. Ac cooling is very good. It have very good wheel base which give good comfort
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    • Be a change harbinger : Embrace the future
      I test-drove the MG EV Exclusive. The experience was awesome. Good looks, spacious, great pickup (it flies on Sports Mode), very efficient in cost/km and run/charge and eco-friendly.
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    • Best premium electric car in 2020
      The buying experience was very good .the ride quality is top-notch and very promising. Details are very good and the fit and finish is perfect .well as an electric car, the performance is unmatched with the regular ic engine .the range is not as they have claimed its only 300 per full charge and maybe 320 if the ac is off
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    • The new premium
      Except for the short legroom in the rear, this is a performance car. I wish they are completely removed the boot as electrics will be only a second or third car in most families. This would have given far more leg room for rear passengers. Brilliant car otherwise.
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    • Excellent
      Good experience good driving experience all performance good very low maintenance good buying experience and driving experience and good looking wise and good performance etc. Low maintenance
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    • Great Car available at Hindustan Hyundai showroom
      Great car purchased from Hindustan Hyundai in Jaipur. Happy with their customer service and staff. Would definitely encourage my family to purchase from them and this car is fabulous.
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    • The best of all best for the perfect costumer
      This car is a perfect, modern and stylish car one thing I like about the car it's is long-range and is safe and it so eye-catching a man just cross the road just to ask which Hyundai car is this lastly I love this car I hope you do thanks for your time
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    • Amazing experience about driving, nice interior and exterior
      Very good performance, silent engine sound, amazing interior and exterior design, low-cost maintenance, comfortable seat driving seat space is good, backspace is amazing. Overall good!
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    • Improve ev's charging infrastructure and range
      Well considering its short range I don't recommend this car. Well the idea of owning an ev has pros and cons. I don't want to talk about pros. Here are the cons the total amount we spend in driving this ev's will be less then the time we charge. It's not suitable for highway ride. Infrastructure for charging across city is very limited.
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    • Electric Vehicle Future of India and the World
      It's our office vehicle. Amazing electric car. It's the future of India. Very cheap operation and maintenance cost. Within the next 4/5 years more than 50% Indian cars will be EV. So don't buy petrol diesel but just go for Electric Vehicle. No pollution and easy ride.
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    • Great Car in its segment
      Amazing car MG Hector 1.5 petrol super, it's a no nonsense car without any lazy gimmicks in its upper variants with superb solid looking alloys, bought in September 2020. Delivery experience was very good, customer service done and it's absolutely fantastic. Mileage was the issue at starting point but over the period of time it increased and right now getting 10-11 in city and 14 on highways. Comfort and space is fantastic, it's a big car with style and super road presence with solid build quality, Cons: Mileage for some. DVT and CVT are laggy but I drive manual which is better in pickup. Tail gate gets unlocked when we unlock driver door, which is a big breach in security and safety. Few Chrome was getting rusty and black arches on wheel and rear bottom black part was getting faded, but it's changed by company under warranty without any extra cost.
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    • Amazing car
      1. Buying experience was amazing as they know how to treat customers not like shit Tata. 2. Amazing driving experience as amazing ride and handling and stability at high speeds. just go for test drive and you will know 3. Killer looks and amazing performance and best build quality 4. Maintenance is cheap 5. Best product at 20 lakh price point. Cons is nothing just put your foot on pedal and you are ready to go miles.
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    • The real value for money car
      1.Excellent buying experience. The sales and service team is excellent. 2.Dream driving machine. ultra smooth drive, excellent suspension, comfortable ride in city as well as on highway. 3.Value for money, excellent look, exterior design is flawless, performance is engine sound in out side or inside. super silent petrol engine. 4.I had no issues in the first service. 5. Pros-super, excellent, value for money, roomy and spacious interior. and fantastic road presence. feature rich. heavy built. Feel safe and secure.
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    • The best car in its segment
      This car is the best car in its segment cause its is the most spacious and comfortable SUV. It also has great power and pick up. Design is also striking. Mileage is ok for this big SUV also have features of 30 lakhs car in this segment. Had a great experience
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    • Value for money
      We've bought it almost 9 months ago and the car is just awesome, best value for money. Pros: very spacious , best driving experience, perfect for long drive, Cons: small tyre size
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    • Best in segment
      Buying experience was easy and good. Smart comfortable driving. Looks are awesome, performance best in class. More Service centers yet to establish in India. You may need to go extra mile for service or pay extra Rs.1000 for pick and drop. Pros 1. Power 2. Looks 3. Comfort 4. Spacious Cons 1. 3rd row seats, bit low 2. Mileage
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    • Superb vehicle
      Good vehicle wroth buying audio system is excellent compare Kia Seltos and Creta. In high very comfortable ride voice command is good and service response also excellent compare Creta and Seltos, hector plus is good.
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    • MG Hector Plus review
      Experience riding car, nice look, soft driving, nice features and details about looks, performance, nice build quality, silent engine, front and back look so premium. wheel size is better, service or maintenance charge very low, good pic-up , audio or video quality is much better or speaker sound is good with bass high quality.
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    • Proper SUV with good styling comfortable ride
      Bought it 3 weeks back and have driven few hundred km. Here is the short review: Liked: * Styling and road presence. * Spacious cabin * Superior ride quality and comfort. * Packed with smart features * AC is very effective in summers. * Better sales response from Harrier/Safari. I liked Safari as an option but no cruise control, parking camera after paying 22L for automatic is not worth it. Tata need to work on their trim differentiation. Didn't like: * Mileage is not great (I've automatic which gives 8-9 km/l in city, might improve after first service). * Voice recognition is patchy and unreliable. * Limited third row space (not for adults). * No physical button for AC control (you need to take your eye away from road while driving given voice control for AC is not reliable as well). Overall: Would recommend if mileage is not the issue. Though what I've heard the mileage for petrol automatic is mostly in single digits, so not sure whether there is any alternative for that.
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    • Good car with lot of features
      It's a very good family car not disappointed, value for car, I have driven 5000 km's no problem with mileage is 11 km/l in city 13 in highway (Diesel). Boot space is a problem in 6 seater with all seats up. Other than it's good car.
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    • Lovely Car
      Awesome car. I have never seen such a marvel in Toyota. Please try to decrease the car price if it's possible, because car price is too high in Indian market for this car. Luxurious car which I have never seen in Toyota cars. There is no other words to say any negatives about this car only price of this car is too high.
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    • Luxurious MPV
      The word 'luxury' has no definite meaning. It is different for every person. For example, some might think that the five-star hotel is luxury. But this is not the case for those who live in houses and offices Lake five star hotels and business class in an aeroplane. For such people, for stay at five-star standard and have a meeting with guests while travelling... It is not easy. Understanding the difficulties of business magnates and celebrities, efforts to deliver luxury and Large four-wheeler vehicles are now gaining momentum. When Mercedes v-class and Kia carnival Limousine are begun to make an address in this segment, Toyota has introduced the Vellfire. Toyota, which reigns the supreme on MPVs through Innova with no rivals,has launched the vellfire with expectation of success in luxury MPVs too. Vellfire is imported from Japan. Vellfire has hybrid technology consists of a 2.5-litre petrol engine and two electric motors. Therefore the vellfire is also leading in environmental love. It is big van with 4935 mm length. The front side is shining with chromium plates. While we consider the road presence,vellfire is the king. Vellfire has three rows of seats. Vellfire's soul is in the second row. One-touch can operate the sliding door. Vellfire has two royal seats in the second row. Seats have air ventilation, and seats are soft and big. Not only that, but it also has headrest and leg rest. Seats can be flattened like a bed. Small table and cup holder which can control by a touchpad on the armrest,13 inched entertainment system which will come from the roof, special AC zone and nano-e system are the main features of second-row seats. The second row of vellfire assures both luxurious amenities and space conveniences at the same time. Even though the first row can also compare with other luxury vehicles. In the third row, there are three headrests. But comfortable is for two persons. The second-row seats can be adjusted by switches to get into the third row. 17 speaker JBL sound system is another feature of this vehicle. A wide electric sunroof is occupied above the second-row seats. Comparatively, small sunroof is placed above the first row. The 2.5-liter petrol engine of this vehicle has the power of 117 hp. And 143 hp and 68 hp motors are placed at the front axle and rear axle respectively. Smooth, silent, easy is the riding highlights of this vehicle. Size of the vehicle is not feeling as inconvenient. Vellfire aiming at owners who keep drivers, even though driving also enjoyable.
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    • The Ultimate Queen.
      BMW 7 Series has always been something different. Although it can cost and calm its occupants, BMW has long suggested that it's also an ideal choice. Considering this two is a two- tone- plus car, it's impressively agile and certainly better tied down than rivals such as Audi A8 and Range Rover. The interior is plush and trimmed in leather, with extensive use of wood veneers and metallic surrounds.
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    • Raj Kumar
      It's was absolutely awesome. I can't's totally advanced technology. and so many.features. I love it. I can't say something I speechless.
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    • Mind blowing
      Driving this car is one of the best experience of my life. Everything is so well maintained in it and I literally found this car as one of the best luxurious car in the world. After I got in it I don't sell it stressed for uncomfortable. Every features and technology is so well placed in the car that you wont need to face much problems while driving it. I suggest you that if you are looking for a really good luxurious car and want to buy one then this can be a good choice for you has it is very satisfying and you would find yourself to be the owner of one of the best car in the world.
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    • M760 li - a beast with a beauty
      1.)Great, exciting 2.) Mind blowing3).perfomance is the best in its class. though the looks are controversial 4.)not a problem at all. Easy and affordable 5.) pr-fab. Performance
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    • Marvelous
      It is a great car the performance is amazing it has a great interior it is a great sedan the power is also amazing the quality of the car is good the exterior of the car looks stylish
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    • Illustrates
      The point like Driving Experience it's comfortable, alonh with looks also matter, preventive Maintenance of engine quite resembles . As compared to another sedan lux camary will be best
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    • From my Experience
      It's an awesome machine for every long drive. This is a very good money value machine. It's a very very good gift from Toyota. It's so comfortable for long drive .if u will be drive then you can feel very comfortable and soft journey with Toyota Camry.
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    • Hybrid
      Good car more comfortable and secured price and milege are amazing provide unique expreience and luxury attitude much more good and comfortable than any other one in the series
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    • Ridding experience
      Toyota Camry give you ultimate experience. It is a excellent car. It offer fuel efficient and energetic engine. Its rides comfortably and it handle well. Make it more fun to drive than many rivals.
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    • Love u 3000 camry
      Has more comfort space. Very smooth to ride. Well finished interior. Comfortable for long drive. One of the best of Toyota. 360 look of the car are just spectacular.performance of the car are just incredible
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    • Lexus ES Review
      Lexus ES- Ride Above With This Super Sedan. My first experience with Lexus ES is super-rich. I haven't thought that I will fall for this sedan. But fortunately, I am thankful for the dealership for arranging a quick test drive for me. I liked the comfort and driving experience of the ES. The seats are ultra-comfortable plus with the lumbar support and other convenience features, you'll not feel uneasiness while driving for long distances. Other than this, what I liked the most about this sedan is its exceptional engine performance, that's beyond imagination. In every sense, Lexus ES is fabulous, comfortable, and above all, it's a true luxury for the price.
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    • things you didn't know
      i switched from a Mercedes c300 to the ES350. it has a quiet ride, great pick up, smoother ride, better sound system and more bells and whistles for less money, well-equipped luxury sedan
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    • Luxurious
      It's a car for comfort. and those who love the stylish cuts. This car can reach 0-100 in 8 seconds. Best sedan. A little expensive, but go for it . I have seen many videos regarding this model.
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    • Modernization grabs ES
      This premium sedan has a huge grill with a huge eye-grabbing look and road presence this is a powerful, stylish,eco-car, loaded with ton features.And now this has become 8 lakh cheaper.Attaining Trust and value for money car
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    • A ride that Cocoons you with it's craftsmanship and sheer quality
      Firstly I haven't purchased it yet... just the test drive experience was fabulous, these guys are real serious about their quality standards, their people were well mannered and polite. Super helpful people. The ride is mesmerizing...the car is absolutely sublime on potholes and there is pin drop silence in the cabin, there is about 92% insulation in the car that , so much so that it disconnects the occupants from outside noise. Someone wrote about the interior ...that absolute crap...this interior has to be one of the best ones in that segment, the wood is handcrafted by yamaha piano makers in Japan, the leather on the seats and dashboard are hand stitched , the precision is mind gets a Mark Levinson stereo- this thing is at par Bose, Bowers and Wilkins etc . It looks like something out of an Origami book, the colour coats feel rich....the way the paint is applied is also beautiful. Performance is adequate with 215 bhp on tap from a 2.5 litre 4 cylinder hybrid engine, with an electric motor. The start up is super silent. It's loaded with safety features including 10 airbags, LEdD cornering lights ( the led units are adaptive and swivel ). Cons- the car misses out on 360 degree camera...a must have in a car that costs this much and is a shy away from hitting the 5m mark in terms of Length. The power window switches look crap...Camry hybrid has better ones, a car giving this quality of craftsmanship misses out on back light switches, shameful. Pros- excellent vehicle, superb build quality and craftsmanship and it's a Lexus ....owners tend to keep Lexus vehicles for years and years ....other cars in the segment are prone to electrical issues after a time ..not Lexus. The service and customer satisfaction is unmatched.
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    • Fantastic car ..awesome ride quality only the Porsche Center employees and service needs to be more efficient in mumbai
      Porsche Center employees & service Center can be more efficient they least bothered to entertain customer queries and requirements..had a very bad experience with them ....Porsche India seriously needs to work on their service and Porsche Center employees also major accessories not available in India which is a drawback..have owned many luxury cars this 2019 cayenne is the best to drive Awesomest interiors and sporty looks give this beast all the attention on road ....
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    • its a Porsche the name itself says everything
      superb car awesome car very very fun to drive car.very nice interior its better than all the suv's at this price point . Its an eye catcher fabulous car best cars . Overall a very good car
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    • The folrious ride with dream car
      It looks very nice and cool I can feel the amazing experience about it can be undescribed. Her look was just loving nobody can ignore there Beuty yes I want to drive with my family
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    • Mind blowing performance
      Performance obviously mind-boggling, the off-road capability was awesome and engine refinement also pretty good. One of the best SUVs on planet. We can't even notice a single noise from machinery and vibration except little engine noise. Porsche Cayenne is loaded with some class-leading features, it's really fun to drive this machine.
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    • machine for car guys
      overall its a fantastic car,this car is mostly performance oriented which i was looking forward when buying.from rolling this car out of the showroom and till date,i just loved it.just got it last month and went for few long trips and have not done the first service yet
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    • Awesome Car
      Amazing Look and styles and I love it. Awesome engine power and luxury features and price doesn't matter if you buy go hurry up. Buy this car and enjoy ride with Porsche Panamera Turbo. My Dream Car...
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    • Nice car from Porsche

      Nice car. It is for enthusiasts. It is a sports car as well as a car for regular driving. Its fuel efficiency is also very good as compared to some others. There is a wow factor in its look. Finally I just like a car.

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    • Lexus nx
      Nice car amazing features nice look and beautiful car it's so comfortable car ever it is the best to colour is white it is an electric car its advantages is its speed it looks and it's a smart car.
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    • Awesome
      Its hybrid ingin car , Luxury look and awesome feeling,petrol use is less and giving heigh milage and noise less ingin I suggest you not think just buy this car for luxury look and long drives
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    • Masterpiece
      Buying experience: Good and the service given by the company was great
      Riding experience: Like seating in airplane , it's very comfortable
      Details about looks, performance etc: The gearing system was good and it is very smooth in driving
      Servicing and maintenance: 3 to 4 time , the service was good
      Pros and Cons: Best performance and very powerful engine
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    • Lexus darling
      I just saw the amazing car like lexus NX. At this cost the best Car in Indian road conditions. I first looked this car outside the showroom in Bangalore. I liked this Car in fisrt look. And also engine sound and performance of the engine is non negotiable.overall Lexus the name is enough to buy this car... Thank u.
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