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    Lexus NX

    300h Exquisite
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    ₹ 58.13 Lakh
    Avg. Ex-Showroom price
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    Lexus NX Key Specifications

    Fuel TypeHybrid (Electric + Petrol)
    Engine2494 cc
    Power and Torque153 bhp & 210 Nm

    Lexus NX Summary

    The Lexus NX is the smallest SUV in the Japanese carmaker’s SUV portfolio. The NX was introduced in 2014 and got a minor cosmetic update in 2017. The NX will make its way to India as a CBU and hence is expected to be priced a segment higher than its direct rivals.

    The NX measures at 4.6x1.8x1.6m with a wheelbase of 2.6m. Appearance wise, the NX looks like a scaled down RX with its large spindle grille, sleek LED headlamps and flared wheel arches. The fascia is imposing in a typical Lexus fashion. The rear is stylish as well with high-placed LED tail lights and, cladded rear bumpers. The D-Pillar is raked to give the car a sportier stance, and the car sits on stylish 17- or 18-inch alloy wheels. There is a generous amount of chrome inserts all around the car. Lexus says that the crossover has an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.32.

    On the inside, the cabin of the NX is subtle and stylish. The dashboard is functional and well laid out. The centre console is dominated by a large 10.3-inch screen which sits atop the squared air-con vents. The steering wheel and instrument binnacle is kept simple. The leather wrapped upholstery makes the car feel a lot more premium.

    When introduced in India, we expect the NX to have a hybrid powertrain similar to the larger RX. Under the hood would be a 2.5-litre straight four petrol motor working in conjunction with an electric motor. The total power output for the 300h variant is rated at 194bhp sent to all four wheels via an electronic-CVT. The crossover is capable of doing a 0-100kmph in 9.1seconds and to a top speed of 180kmph.

    Lexus is expected to price the new NX in India somewhere between Rs 70-75 lakhs (ex-showroom). It will go up against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe and BMW X5 apart from Land Rover Discovery and Volvo XC90.

    Lexus NX Price

    Lexus NX price starts at ₹ 58.13 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 63.57 Lakh. The price of Hybrid (Electric + Petrol) version for NX ranges between ₹ 58.13 Lakh - ₹ 63.57 Lakh.

    VersionsEx-Showroom priceSpecificationsCompare

    NX 300h Exquisite

    ₹ 58.13 Lakh
    2494 cc, Hybrid (Electric + Petrol), Automatic (CVT), 17.8 kmpl
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    NX 300h Luxury

    ₹ 63.13 Lakh
    2494 cc, Hybrid (Electric + Petrol), Automatic (CVT), 17.8 kmpl
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    NX 300h F-Sport

    ₹ 63.57 Lakh
    2494 cc, Hybrid (Electric + Petrol), Automatic (CVT), 17.8 kmpl
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    CarWale's Take

    • Good Things
      • Radical looks
      • Efficient hybrid drivetrain
      • Loaded with safety features
    • Could be Better
      • Average interior fit and finish
      • Expensive
      • Feels heavy

    NX Verdict

    The NX 300h aims to be the entry level Lexus which will open the door for a lot of new buyers. The NX might not feel as premium as its price, but where it lacks in outright plushness it makes up in technology. It’s loaded with features, looks fantastic and guarantees an entrée into the exclusive Lexus club.


    NX Review

    After driving it almost three years back, we got a chance to spend a few days with it recently. So, let’s take a look at the five things that we think should make you consider buying the NX300h and two things that can make you deter.


    As my right foot stomped on the accelerator pedal, the eerie whine of electric motors made way for a resonant mechanical racket – as if a beast was awakened from its slumber. Yanking me back in the seat, the car hurled itself forward like a boulder off a catapult. Now there wasn’t an M, RS, or AMG slapped on the badging, but a small-case ‘h’ denoting that it was a hybrid. That’s the charm of the Lexus NX300h. Although it is an entry-level compact SUV from the Japanese carmaker, nothing about the NX is entry-level.

    Right Front Three Quarter

    After driving it almost three years back, we got a chance to spend a few days with it recently. So, let’s take a look at the five things that we think should make you consider buying the NX300h and two things that can make you deter.


    1. Conspicuous and Radical Styling

    Left Front Three Quarter

    If you are a person who prefers remaining under the radar, you are better off buying any other German luxury SUV. Because the NX announces its arrival and grabs attention like a pin-up model walking into a ball. You’d turn heads wherever you go owing to its broad-chested ‘Spindle’ grille leading the way. Flanking that large grille are sleek yet edgy headlamps. Even the slit-LED day-time-running light looks mean. Move to the side and the edgy-ness continues with its sharp creases and bulges. As the cliché goes – it looks fast even when standing still. If you don’t like the front, you’d surely love the rear with its high-placed sleek-LED taillamps with blacked-out elements. 

    Right Rear Three Quarter

    What makes the NX look so remarkable is its well-balanced proportions, making the NX stand out. We’d spec our Lexus NX with one of those funky colours Lexus has on offer.

    2. Hybrid Powertrain

    The NX has two electric motors working in conjunction with a 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. The 152bhp at 5,700rpm and a max torque of 210Nm between 4,200-4,400rpm from the engine is supplemented by 50kW from the two motors bringing the total to 195bhp. The engine sends power to the front wheels channeled by an e-CVT while there’s a motor on each axle. It’s a complex mechanism but Lexus – thanks to Toyota’s vast expertise with hybrids – has made it nearly indistinguishable to the driver. We loved the fancy display on the screen telling you the working of this complicated powertrain, which is absolutely fascinating to look at. 

    Infotainment System

    What’s the benefit of this complex hybrid, you may ask? Lexus claims that the NX300h has an ARAI fuel efficiency of 18kmpl. We tried putting this figure to test and found that in the city-run the NX returned 12.8kmpl, while the highway fuel efficiency was around 15.7kmpl. That rounds up to around 14.28kmpl, which isn’t bad for a luxury SUV. 

    3. Drivability

    Right Front Three Quarter

    At slow speeds, say up to 20-30kmph under light throttle input, the NX hybrid solely runs on the battery feeding the electric motors. And under braking, the regeneration feeds charge to the batteries without any intrusion. Go slightly faster and the engine kicks-in unannounced. At this point, the petrol engine will not only power the wheels but will also feed charge to the batteries. Meanwhile, egg it some more, and the engine and electric motors start working in conjunction, to power all four wheels for an exciting acceleration. To give you a perspective about its quickness, the NX goes from zero to 100kmph in 10.94 seconds, as measured by our VBox. The combined boost from the motors and engine also adds to the roll-on acceleration dramatically. When measured, the NX hurtled from 20kmph to 80kmph in 5.73 seconds while the time for 40-100kmph dash was achieved in 8.15 seconds. 

    Right Front Three Quarter

    There are three drive modes to choose from – Eco, Sports, and Sports+. Although there wasn’t much noticeable difference between the Sports and Sports+, things in the Eco mode are dialled down to extract the best fuel efficiency. A switch to Sports mode instantly adds slight zing to the drivability. The throttle response is sharpened and the steering weighs up. It also stiffens the chassis by electronically controlled damping. 

    Left Side View

    Meanwhile, the electronic-CVT, although seamless, does have a noticeable rubber-band effect on the move. But under normal driving conditions, it shouldn’t be a bother. What would be a bother for some is the low-speed ride, where all the irregularities and bumps are felt on the inside. It doesn’t reach a point of being uncomfortable to the passengers though. Go faster and the ride does get considerably better. With batteries and motors reducing the centre of gravity on the NX, there’s not much body roll. But you shouldn’t plan on heading out for chasing corners in the NX. For its steering is good for quick direction changes but lacks that connected feel. Also, it’s quite heavy for city usage. 

    4. Feature Loaded cabin


    One of the reasons you should consider buying the Lexus is the long list of features it has on offer, many of which are still unheard of in its segment rivals. What we have here is the Luxury line which comes equipped with eight airbags, heads up display, massive panoramic glass roof, wireless charger, electrically adjustable front row seats with heating and cooling functions, dual-zone climate control, a 360-degree camera, auto headlamps, heated steering wheel, electronically-folding rear seats, and an electric tailgate. 

    Dashboard Switches

    What’s more, you get a 10.3-inch infotainment system which isn’t touchscreen but you get a touch-pad to navigate with the help of a cursor. It has a relatively clean interface and gives out a host of information. Yet it needs to be pointed out that the touch-pad takes some time to get used to. Add to it the 12-speaker Mark Levinson system with 5.1/7.1-channel surround sound and the audiophiles should be happy. An analogue dial in the middle of the dash is a neat touch as well. 

    5. Ergonomics, Space and Practicality

    Front Row Seats

    With electric adjustment for steering and memory function for front row seats, finding an ideal position is easy. There’s good visibility all around and everything is at an arm’s reach. While there are many buttons on the cascading centre console, those few ones hidden behind the steering wheel are odd and difficult to reach. The rest of the cabin is high on practicality and comfort. There’re soft-touch materials everywhere and ample space to store your knick-knacks. Attention has also been paid to provide a soft cushion behind the touchpad to rest your palm. 

    Second Row Seats

    There’s a good amount of headroom and shoulder room up front and the same can be said for the second row. But since the floor is set higher than usual, there’s a lack of under-thigh cushioning and taller passengers might not find it comfortable on longer hauls. And there’re no USB points for rear passengers. To make up for it, the glass roof feels a novelty while there’s a cooling function for the seats too. Lastly, the boot space of 475-litres is sufficiently large. But it’s been compromised a bit to fit a battery pack below the boot. So, you end up lifting your luggage more than usual to get it inside the boot.



    1. Passé interior

    Instrument Cluster

    When it was launched globally in 2015, the NX was ahead of its time. Now after being around for more than half a decade, the cabin has started to look dated. The best example of this is the MID screen on the driver’s display which is the same screen used in the Innova Crysta these days. 

    Center Console/Centre Console Storage

    There’s still an old-school CD player present in the centre console. And it should have used a digital instrument cluster by now. Essentially, what the cabin lacks is the opulent finesse you’d associate with Lexus.

    2. No powertrain choice

    Right Side View

    Lexus aims to stand out from its competition by offering a hybrid powertrain that not many manufacturers are ready to introduce in India. So, the NX is available with a single powertrain choice and there’s no hope of getting any other engine or gearbox option either. This poses a problem for those who want a diesel or a manual in their NX.

    Rear Logo

    And even though it has a four-wheel-drive of a sort, there’s a limited amount of off-roading that you can do. The rear-wheel powered by electric motors does jump in to shove you out of a tricky condition, but a similarly priced Evoque would run circles around it in off-roading.

    Right Front Three Quarter


    Right Front Three Quarter

    Our test vehicle was reading close to 40,000km on the odometer, but there was no sign of rattles on the inside. Everything felt as solid as it’d have been when it rolled off the factory floor. Truly, the interior of our Lexus had stood the test of time.

    Right Side View

    Priced at Rs 59.63 lakh (ex-showroom), the NX300h is on par with its rivals that include the likes of the Range Rover Evoque, Audi Q5, Volvo XC60, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Jaguar F-Pace, and the BMW X3/X4. What makes the Lexus stand out from the lot is its styling, hybrid powertrain, and a cabin that was ahead of its time. Although it would require a revamp on the inside, the exterior design can carry on for a few more years. In the end, the NX300h is a well-thought-of, well-engineered luxury SUV that won’t give you any reason to complain. Oh, and you should also buy the NX for its exclusivity.

    Front View

    Pictures by Kaustubh Gandhi

    Full Review

    NX Alternatives

    Lexus ES

    Lexus ES

    ₹ 56.53 Lakh
    Avg. Ex-Showroom price
    Show price in my city

    Compare with NX
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    Lexus NX Brochure

    Download Lexus NX brochure in just one click to view specs and features of all the variants of NX.
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    NX Colours

    Lexus NX 2021 is available/sold in the following colours in India.

    White Nova Glass Flake
    White Nova Glass Flake

    Lexus NX Mileage

    Fuel TypeTransmissionARAI Mileage

    Hybrid (Electric + Petrol)

    (2494 cc)

    Automatic (CVT)17.8 kmpl

    FAQs About Lexus NX

    Q: What is the on road price of NX?

    The on-road price of NX in Delhi starts at ‎₹ 67.46 Lakh and goes upto ‎₹ 73.69 Lakh. The on road price is made up of ex-showroom price, RTO registration, road tax and insurance amount.

    Q: Which car is better between NX and ES?

    NX price starts at ₹ 58.13 Lakh ex-showroom and It comes with 2494 cc engine. Whereas ES price starts at ₹ 56.53 Lakh ex-showroom and It comes with 2487 cc engine. Compare the two models to identify the best car for you.

    Q: What is price of NX top model?

    Top model of NX is 300h F-Sport and the ex-showroom for NX 300h F-Sport is ₹ 63.57 Lakh.

    Q: What is the mileage of Lexus NX?

    The Lexus NX mileage is 17.8 kmpl.

    Lexus NX News

    Lexus NX User Reviews

    • Lexus nx
      Nice car amazing features nice look and beautiful car it's so comfortable car ever it is the best to colour is white it is an electric car its advantages is its speed it looks and it's a smart car.
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    • Awesome
      Its hybrid ingin car , Luxury look and awesome feeling,petrol use is less and giving heigh milage and noise less ingin I suggest you not think just buy this car for luxury look and long drives
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    • Masterpiece
      Buying experience: Good and the service given by the company was great Riding experience: Like seating in airplane , it's very comfortable Details about looks, performance etc: The gearing system was good and it is very smooth in driving Servicing...
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    • Lexus darling
      I just saw the amazing car like lexus NX. At this cost the best Car in Indian road conditions. I first looked this car outside the showroom in Bangalore. I liked this Car in fisrt look. And also engine sound and performance of the engine is non...
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    Lexus NX Price in India

    CityOn-Road Prices
    Mumbai₹ 73.24 Lakh onwards
    Bangalore₹ 73.55 Lakh onwards
    Delhi₹ 67.46 Lakh onwards
    Pune₹ 73.24 Lakh onwards
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