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    Apollo Tyres: The Best Car Tyres for Indian Roads

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    Apollo Tyres (Sponsored)

    Apollo Tyres: The Best Car Tyres for Indian Roads

    The Best Car Tyres for Indian Roads

    Car tyre brand matters more than you think it does when you are looking for a tyre replacement. You see, car tyre makers usually optimise their products for native driving conditions. So, a tyre developed for the European market may not perform so well on Indian roads. On the other hand, a tyre brand like Apollo Tyres which is born and bred in India, will understand the local driving conditions and vehicles types much better and be able to develop and deliver tyres that offer optimum performance. 

    To that end, we analysed Apollo Car Tyres with extensive testing and came to the following conclusions. 

    Highly Durable Build Quality

    We tested the tubeless car tyres from Apollo for puncture resistance and overall life span. The Apollo Alnac 4G series trumped rival brands with a longevity of two to three years depending on the driving frequency. The test tyres also went over 20,000 kilometres before a puncture. Existing users of the tyre also corroborated the number, which is a very good average if you are chiefly driving in the city or highway.

    Cabin Comfort and Low Road Noise

    The Alnac series of tubeless car tyre is made from a softer yet sturdy rubber compound. The soft exterior allows the tyre to absorb most of the bumps on the road, aiding the suspension in increasing the ride comfort. The material also absorbs road noise when driven at highway speeds, making it an excellent choice for Indian car owners, where the tarmac is often harsh and bereft of enough tar. The cabin comfort offered by Alnac 4G tyres is the reason why it features on high-end models of cars sold by Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Renault, and Volkswagen in India.

    Excellent Acceleration and Braking

    Another thing that impresses about Apollo’s tubeless car tyres is their traction. The softer rubber allows a very good grip on the road, which in turn aids the vehicle in converting the maximum amount of torque into movement. With Apollo Tyres onboard, you can accelerate quickly on city roads and the highway. Moreover, these tyres are also a boon for those driving a premium hatchback or mid-sized sedan by complementing their turbo powered engines with excellent braking efficiency. In some of our extended tests, the difference in braking distance after switching to an Alnac 4G tyre was almost 10 meters. The grippy tyres stick to the ground and make it easier to stop your car when moving at highway speeds or when braking suddenly in stop-start traffic.

    Handling and Steering Response


    The 4G and 4GS tread patterns being deployed by Apollo Tyres have been developed after extensive research and we have to say that the Alnac tyres featuring these treads deliver with aplomb. The tread provides excellent directional stability and combined with the excellent rubber compounds of these radial car tyres, offers admirable handling and control on both wet and dry surfaces. Moreover, the superior tread is very effective in dispersing water and avoiding aquaplaning when driven in wet weather, complementing the ABS and EBD functions (if your car has them).

    Warranty & Replacement

    The best part about the Alnac car tyres is the comprehensive warranty cover provided by Apollo. The Apollo Alnac 4G and 4GS tyres come with five-year extended warranty – way more than you will need if you drive routinely. Moreover, the company is offering Road hazard protection with its premium tyres, giving you cover for accidental damage and service failures caused by sidewall and tread damage or an impact bulge. The RHP can be bought from an authorised Apollo Tyres Dealer within 15 days of purchase date on the invoice.

    Concluding thoughts

    With over 6,000 active tyre shops in India, Apollo Tyres has one of the largest dealer’s network in the country. This makes it easier to buy new car tyres from wherever you are. The company also launches mega tyre exchange festivals twice a year where you can trade in old tyres for great discounts on new car, bike and SUV tyres. So, if you are in the market for a new set of car tyres, Apollo car tyres might just be what you are looking for.  

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