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    Some hits, some miss.

    3 months ago | Mridanga Barman
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    I have bought Sports AMT version when it was initially launched. Pros: 1. The car looks good. (will be different with a different person) 2. AMT is such a relief to drive in city traffic. It is very relaxing and enjoyable to ride the AMT. Initial pickup is not sharp. But very pleasant riding experience. A slight jerk in shifting initial gears, but gets adjusted after some time. 3. Interior is good. 4. The sound system is good. 5. Steering is very light and feels good in city drive. 6. Noise cancellation is good inside the cabin. Cons: 1. Mileage is very average. I got 9.5kmpl to 11kmpl only during heavy traffic drive over a course of 3 months(with ac on). Lesser traffic (with ac on) brings the kmpl to 13.2 (after 2nd servicing). Free Highways gave 16.4kmpl. So milage is a big turn down i must say. 2. While driving uphill, it gives u zero confidence. Not good, as the engine lacks some basic power. I once found myself in trouble when i was going up a 60 degree steep uphill and there was a slight hole and the car was struggling to cross over the hole. Was on the manual mode. Still need a lot to learn this manual mode, but trust me, it gave my confidence a push down. 3. Pickup and overall engine lack power. 4. Sports AmT cost a bit more than asta manual, but still lacks some function in terms of rear sensor and camera. Plus the logo of Hyundai in the steering is just plain plastic. Very bad and cheap. 5. Boot space is low. Overall review: AMT is good for city drive. It really is enjoying it. And the gear shift n all is smooth. But mileage not so good. If u r looking for Amt, then its good. If manual, then grand i10 with its heavy discount is way better.
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