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    Skoda Fabia [2010-2015] User Reviews

    Looking for Skoda Fabia [2010-2015]? Here are the reviews and ratings by Fabia [2010-2015] owners from across the country.

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    • Better to get a new one
      As i already mentioned it was a used car..after buying i spend a lot of money in servicing..i changed turbo, clutch plate and now fuel still the problem persists..suddenly it doesn't start and after servicing twice. the problem still occurs. its better to get a new car or else you should take a good mechanic with you while testing the vehicle before making a deal.
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      1 year ago | Mathan
    • Amazing car
      Super car... Very comfortable spacious, heavy built quality I was using this car from last 8 year its my first car.. It's a very faithful car. In between 2 service I no need to go service center. Interior is so good. Part of this car is something costly compare to other brand. It's a smoo3ride car it's not make for roughly road..
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      1 year ago | Sandeep Singh
    • Must have car
      Great and comfortable ride. Love at first sight. A1 performance. Low maintenance. Did not had any problems with the car as maintained with care. But had to struggle with some part which where installed by the first owner.
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      1 year ago | Sabhya Malhotra
    • Amazing car which could not succeed in India
      1. I had purchased it from Tafe Access in Bangalore. All was fine. But Tafe cheated me on free first year servicing as they had not given me the free service coupon. I had to pay for the services. 2. The ride quality and comfort is very nice. I was looking for a heavy and safe car which has speed and power. Fabia met with all these requirements. 3. I had to do few modifications, like changing the tyres and headlight for better performance. 4. Also I had done a leather upholstery makeover from Stanley. It added to the charms. 5. Service with Skoda has always been an issue even in 2019. 6. Pros: Excellent built quality, stable, low maintenance, high on safely, value for money. Cons: Low fuel efficiency, Poor after sales service.
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      1 year ago | Ashirwad Goswami
      very very good car. performance was very good. Seats are very comfortable. in car their was much space. boot space was large. engine sound was very nice. You will fell luxurious in sitting in the car. Steering was very soft. Ac was very good in very less time car was fully cooled. body of skoda fabia is very strong.
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      1 year ago | RAKESH
    • Skoda Fabia


       Good looking

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort)

       Nice & spacious

      Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox

      Engine failed at 78000 kms

      Ride Quality & Handling

      Was good till it lasted 

      Final Words

      Poor support buy the company 

      Areas of improvement  

      My engine seized while driving the car on the national highway. that was dangerous with a truck hurtling behind me. The car has now been lying at the garage which has since closed down. nobady wants to own the car from the company. They asked me to pay Rs.5.50 lacs to without giving me any reason for the failure of the engine.

      Personally I have had a horrendous experience with Skoda India. And it has been more than 18 months that my car is lying their custody with nobody ready to respond. This after more than 38 mails sent to their customer care and 1 response. I have unfortunately had to send legal notice to get a response and even these have been conveniently returned. Haven't seen a more apathetic organisation.


      1) Strong body1) Poor Service Support 2) Extremely costly spares
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      5 years ago | Abhishek Taneja
    • Badari

      Exterior Good.

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) I have top end for that money I would have got better music system, Space is ok, Comfort is good 

      Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Repais, Repais Repairs, I have spend lot of money on it.

      Ride Quality & Handling Good.

      Final Words Never ever buy skoda, lot of problems and after sale service is too bad.

      Areas of improvement Car it self has some problems, They have to improve the engine and service is worst. My car got break down and I have called skoda service and no response from them. I have spend lot of money for towing and I have waited for almost one month for repair very poor response from service centre. after this with month again some problem in clutch . I have changed the clutch plates totally till now I have spent more than 40,000K just for repairs aprt from this for serive so much money. They have to provide better serivce.

      body style interiorengine performance is worst, lot of repairs
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      5 years ago | badari
    • Excellent car for enthusiasts


      Cars looks are always subjective. This is SKODA and their cars always have a sober look. It looks European in every way. The car has decent looks but could do well with some improvements at the rear.

      (I have listed the mods which I have done at the end of the review)

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort)

      Interior quality is class leading. It is on par with most of the C segment cars. Plastic quality is top notch and if maintained well will look new for years to come.  Although it is a 3 cylinder diesel engine SKODA has done enough damping to ensure engine noise is cut down inside the cabin during movement. Comfort levels are very high and I dare say it is the best in the segment. You can ride the for hours together without feeling tired.

      However, 3 full sized adults at the rear may not feel comfortable during long drives.

      315 litres of boot space is the best in the segment.

      Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox

      3 cylinder; 75 bhp ; 1.2 litre. Considering the robust chassis and build quality this car definitely needed some more power with additional displacement. However, this engine also does a good job in city. Only gripe is in the pickup as one feels a little turbolag till 2k rpm. Post that its just excellent to ride. One can reach a top speed of 155-160 on the highways.

      Fuel economy is very good; City 15-18 kpml. Although I have been to couple of long drives have not tested highway mileage.

      Gearbox is just amazing. That's why SKODA / VW is a class apart from other hatch manufacturers. Gear shifts are slick and there is absolutely no clutter from 1st to 5th. It just gets more smoother post first service (all SKODA / VW cars are filled with fully synthetic engine oils - Shell / Castrol; this also aids to the smoothness and long drain intervals). The unique shift for reverse gear is also very assuring.


      Ride Quality & Handling

      The shortcomings in engine are put to rest in the ride / handling department. Both Fabia and Polo share similar driving characteristics, courtesy almost similar chassis. But I somehow felt Fabia to be better after driving Polo. This car is very very good in handling and ride quality. The steering response is best among the hatchbacks. One feels very safe and assured even when the car is doing > 100 kmph. 

      My car is without ABS; even then the brakes are very assuring in both city and highways.

      Final Words

      To sum up this car is purely a drivers' car. It is meant for enthusiasts. The car is BUILD TO LAST.

      Areas of improvement  

      Hyundai, Maruti and Honda are 1000 miles ahead of SKODA as far as service is concerned. They definitely need to increase their service centers and also enhance the overall customer satisfaction. 

      Last but not the least - Mods done on my car till date: 😎

      1. 3M sunfilm
      2. JVC AV60BT Head Unit
      3. JBL GTO component rear speakers
      4. Infinity Kappa component front speakers
      5. Infinity Kappa 6*9 rear parcel tray speaker
      6. Acustika underseat sub-woofer
      7. AMERICAN damping on all doors
      8. Monte Carlo OEM fog lights
      9. Skoda OEM sunglasses box
      10. vRS badge
      11. Octavia horn
      12. 3M nomadic floor mats including boot
      13. Rear bumper DTM spoiler
      14. Exhaust pipe end piece
      15. Front bumper spoiler - Monte Carlo
      16. Leather cover for handbrake - OEM Skoda
      17. Leather 3 spoke steering wheel - OEM Skoda
      18. Skoda OEM 15"Line alloys
      19. 3M car wraps front and rear bumpers
      20. Netting system - vertical boot
      21. Cerwin Vega - amplifier for audio system
      22. Skoda OEM mudflaps


      Robust build quality, upmarket interiors, good fuel economy, fantastic ride quality.Features - Steering mounted controls, Automatic AC, Rear wiper, Auto ORVM, Outdated audio system
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      6 years ago | Anurag Bagur
    • A perfect car for the family .

      Exterior It looks cool, though not as stylish as a polo it is acceptable.

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) It has got very nice features like a lamp in the glovebox and boot. All the windows has got one touch up and down. Some brilliant safety measures for women and kids when they are left alone in the car. Also all the doors dont open when we use the key to open thus ensuring safety of our belongings.

      Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Engine performance is nothing to write about. But for a diesel engine it is silent and refined than in a diesel polo. It has gives excellent fuel economy when driven carefully.

      Ride Quality & Handling Ride quality is very good though bumpy at certain surface. Better than polo in this dept. Feels palnted and secure most of the times but not as much as a punto do.

      Final Words A good vehicle underestimated for being a skoda, I can tell you how good and refined this small car is. I am using it for the last 28,000 kms without having any visits to dealer other than for regular service once.

      Areas of improvement Ground clearance.

      Fuel economy , boot space , attention to detail .Nothing really, though bit more stability and power .
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      6 years ago | Swathy Das
    • Perfectly built up body with a decent look.

      Exterior It has got a strong and heavy body that assures u asense of safty on the road. Most decent look of all at its range.

      Interior (Features, Space & Comfort) It caters all pleasure inside like a 10/12 lakh sedan.

      Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox Everything is satisfactory, but fuel economy is  appx 15% extra cost which we should sacrifice for its brand value.

      Ride Quality & Handling Whether its a long drive or city drive, driving pleasure is always there. One will never feel reluctant in any circumstance. Only drawback for its low ground clearance, a careful driving is required where u face elevated speed breaker and sometimes in rural roads.

      Final Words After completion of one year (20000kms) driving in my fabia ambition tdi cr, I feel it was a nice decission to go for it. So far I am earning all pleasure of driving it both physical and psychological. Thanks SKODA.

      Areas of improvement Competetive price tag will be the only option to stand in Indian market.

      A sedan like comfort, driving not at all tedious.Basically an urban vehicle.
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      6 years ago | Bibhu Das
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