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    Jeep Compass User Reviews

    Looking for Jeep Compass? Here are the reviews and ratings by Compass owners from across the country.

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    • Drive perfect Jeep
      Indeed a powerful SUV in a budget below 20L it gives a remarkable experience. Compare to all SUV available below 25 lacs it is one of the worth to buy SUV. Even on long drive upto 800KMs I drove and excellent comfort,Road Grip and perfect on National highways and state road as well. Perfect for both Urban and Rural India with its engine power and road grip
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      1 month ago | Arvind kumar
      superb as a car but poorest of the poor service as there dealership is not at all concern in solving the customer problem even those are from manufacturer side. on the first rain of this season my car rear side is filled with water as there is a blockage in their drainage pipe ( as a manufacturer fault )it is one month now i have"t get back my car yet as the dealer keeps on saying give 4 -5 more days & on & on.
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      1 month ago | ROOPAK SHARMA
    • Excellent Experience
      This car is Very comfort, I have a good driving experience ,what pick up, what a comgort. I love this car , will buy it soon . The looks is very good. Interior and exterior also amazing ,
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      1 month ago | Ajay sharmah
    • The perfect SUV for passionate drivers
      I had to make a choice - MG Hector or Jeep Compass. It was a tough decision to make back then. I researched a lot about both the cars, read reviews, asked owners, did test drive, and finally, I decided to choose Jeep Compass. The driving experience this SUV gives is excellent. Whether it's on a highway or a bumpy road with zig-zag turns, this car handles them like a piece of cake. The ride quality is incomparable to any of its rivals. When it comes to features, it offers cruise control, electronic parking brake, memory seats, panoramic sunroof, rain-sensing wipers, a dual-tone interior that looks really premium, leather seats. The build quality of this car should be given 5/5. What a tough body that instils confidence and gives you the safest riding experience. The exterior looks premium and gives a very good road presence. Overall, it's a super awesome SUV in this segment and really worth the money. Moreover, it's an honour to be part of the JEEP community.
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      1 month ago | Anand
    • Mini Beast Compass
      Let me start off by explaining the main reason that made me decide to put my money on the Jeep Compass. Since the car is an American built with Italian engine parts this is some assurance I can personally rely on for a long time when it comes to durability. Performance-wise I would rate a 5/5 as the riding experience the car gives you while driving is truly satisfying and the mileage is also quite decent considering its torque, weight, power and you can go on hard turnings easily without worry as the stability performance is exceptional. The only disappointment in this category is that it lacks cruise control. When it comes to external looks it got the attractive aggressive tradition Jeep grill look but its the opposite feeling when it comes to the interior because for an amount of more than INR 20Lakh other brand cars offer way too many interior features which puts the Jeep Compass interior to shame and the height of the car from floor to ceiling is quite short as most times it gets warm and humid inside the car which is quite a problem during summer and what is most disappointing is the sunroof option which is only available for the top model version!! Servicing has improved gradually in comparison to the previous years but Instant service helpline is not much helpful as promised by Jeep. This car is truly 'an urban off-roader' as advertised and not a real off-roader(where there is absolutely no road) except maybe the top model which have the 4x4 option but I still would not go exploring the wild considering the paint job cost. Anyways in my personal experience, I was once stuck on a sandy-muddy road and it took a really really long time to drive through as it kept rolling back on its own and skidding mainly because of its heavyweight and probably cause I don't have the 4x4 option hence I had to exert so much pressure on the cludge plate and engine! Altogether it was a disaster I'll never forget and what was more worst than watching other cars example i10, Alto easily glides through but Im quite sure the top model would be able to glide through easily too with the 4x4 option. Overall the car is truly unique which has set the benchmark for other mid-sized SUVs. It is a mini beast and a perfect mid-sized SUV for urban roads any day!
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      2 months ago | Euri
      Good Dealership, and good staff. Exterior looks are attractive. Interior is impressive. Comfortable seats.stearing is stylish, has a good grip and easy to use. Fast automatic gear response.Fast pick up and quick acceleration.Overall a good selection.
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      2 months ago | George panickerl
    • Best decision to buy you Jeep Trailhawk I made it
      1. Buying a jeep compass is a task for me at that time. I because of competing for other cars and also all saying less price in other brands. I but Decided my trail with my new Red Baby was Trailhawk to buy. Taken delivery from KHT Prime yeshwanthpur. 2. My driving is not at all good because it since back in using Toyota Fortuner ita giving a less milage like 5-7 In same city connection but now with my Red baby Trailhawk giving a good sufficient milage up to 14-15kmpl in the same city and the same road is amazing and also I went for jeep life after i thought jeep is jeep not anyone for offroad. And I sad to god thanks for jeep makers and India. 3. About performance, its awesome drive to Bangalore to my native 250kms ill take only 3hrs to reach and also features like sunroof dual a/c its like heaven Loved Trailhawk 4 .my maintains also spent in little cost for Trailhawk. I thanks to Mr Giri in KHT Prime service centre yeshwanthpur Bangalore he helps more to maintain my Red baby Any way jeep is a jeep nonforfeitable moment Thanks to KHT Prime yeshwanthpur Team
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      4 months ago | Guru
    • Dr.pankaj
      Superb vehicle , safety features are best, sturdy built quality, ride & handling is great. Class product in its leauge. Awesome vehicle at reasonable price as compared to german brands
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      4 months ago | Dr PANKAJ HARKUT
    • Legendary Capability SUV
      Buying experience of this car is outstanding because if you love driving and adventurous you will love this car if you want excellent road presence if you love your life - the build quality is outstanding if you want a stable vehicle which gets more stable with more speed. The riding experience of this car specially in a petrol engine is outstanding and rides well around the corners. Looks of this car are great with seven slat grille proportions at the front and the rear look is simple and elegant with large glass area and it's true SUV proportions and Jeep DNA make it look a bit bigger than it really is. Performance of this car specially in 1.4-litre Multiair petrol engine that delivers 163 bhp and 250 NM of torque and this engine surprisingly punchy and fun to drive and the fact you get an efficient and well-engineered petrol engine is good enough. Servicing and maintenance of this car are not good because the company needs to ramp up service networks to make the model more attainable and jeep service costs are usually higher than that of competition and annual maintenance cost is around 12,000 to 13,000 that is much expensive to maintain this car. There are some pros and cons to this car:- PROS:- 1.) It offers excellent ride quality with great stability around the corners with no complaint about body roll on the highways and open road performance is excellent without any much problem. 2.) It gets additional features like 16-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, Reverse Parking Sensors but does not include in sports variant. 3.) 6-speed manual transmission is slick, joy and easy to use with a light clutch pedal. 4.) The Independent suspension setup of the jeep increases off-road capability. 5.) The compass comes with essential features such as ESP, ESC, Traction Control, Electronic Parking Brake, Hill Start Assist, Hill Hold Control, Roll Over Mitigation, all four wheels get disc brakes, ABS and Airbags (2 as standard and 6 on top of the variant) 6.) It gets Terrain all-wheel-drive system - auto, snow, sand and mud - the system adjusts the engine mapping and traction control to move easily over the selected terrain. 7.) Plastic quality in the cabin is outstanding among the rivals and all-black interiors in the cabin make more appealing and feel very premium. 8.) 5-inch touchscreen infotainment system is easy to use. 9.) It has excellent grips around the corners, the steering response is outstanding on the highways and highway stability is also outstanding and the compass feels rock-solid in a straight line even at high speeds manner, excellent commanding design. 10.) Jeep is known for its brand value. CONS:- 1.) Rear Seat comfort is a bit cramped for three adults. 2.) It lacks some features like sunroof, cruise control, keyless entry and even leather seats. 3.) Too much pricey 4.) It has highest turning radius 5.7mm than of its rivals and not good for the city. 5.) The brakes are good, but while slowing down from high speeds it seems to lack the necessary bite for sharp and effective braking.
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      5 months ago | Vineet Sharma
    • 80000km longitude (o) bad experience which i had shared!
      Buying experience was good till 15000 km Riding expericence is wrost after 25000 km As clutch gets too tight to press My car is about 80000 km And i had changed my clutch 2 times After changing clutch . 10000 to 15000 km its okay but after it gets hard. And service advisor says that it is hydrolic clutch it will be hard . For me its totally loss of money 1= battery dead in 1.2 year 2= clutch plate dead in 25000 km 3= alternater damage which coat 70k (for which i had to make many calls and arguments with team for waranter) 4 AC is not good as premium car Service is also very costly .in every small problem company start giving big big expense Atlast i will say there are many more options other then this stay alert and drcide I have a very bad experience
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      6 months ago | Sanjay Parihar
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