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    Excellent combo of power and features!

    2 months ago | Sachin

    User Review on Hyundai Venue SX 1.0 Turbo iMT

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    I will mention my end to end experience with below points; 1. Went to Kanchan Hyundai showroom in Puttur, DK, Karnataka for enquiry. The staff were very friendly and approachable. 2. Booked for test drive on the same day. Did a 5 km test drive, as soon as I started driving, got the superb feel. The staff explained everything about the car and clarified all my doubt. 3. I went ahead and booked the car SX IMT variant with booking amount of 10000/-. All this happened at my home which made me feel good about their service. 4. I asked for early delivery to which they agreed, got all the paper work completed and vehicle was delivered within 30 days. I liked the delivery experience as well. 5. Coming to drive feel and dynamics, the car perform beyond expectations. The gear change on IMT is very smooth. I have done random shifting to check for jerks and to my surprise nothing really happened. Engine rev matching is so smooth that there is no jerk at all. The car picks up even in 2nd gear from dead stop. Acceleration is linear due to automatic clutch. 6. Headlights are one of the best, halogen projector does good job of illumination of road. I drove at night with fog lamps switched on and I was able to see the road clearly. Cornering headlamp are another value add which helps in seeing the roads clearly while taking a turn. 7. I have driven hard and light on throttle. The worse city mileage is 12kmpl and best city mileage is 14kmpl. While worse highway mileage is 16.5kmpl and best highway mileage is 21kmpl. 8. Interior is decent enough and fit and finish is good as well. 9. Driver and passenger seat is very comfortable, while back seat is fair. 10. Infotainment system has 8" touch display which is responsive and there is no lag felt at all. Speaker are decent with crisp tweet and deep bass. 11. Driver cluster is very well designed with all the information up front. Cluster brightness adjust is a nice touch. While driving in pitch black night you can lower cluster brightness to help you concentrate on road and reduce irritation to eyes. 12. Air conditioning is very powerful and cools the cabin within minutes. This is true for hot and humid climate as well. 13. Defogger works well and helps clear the front and rear windshield fog. 14. Boot space is good enough for a family of 5. 15. First service was really good at the same place, service engineer noted all the points I mentioned and executed the same. Zero charge for first service as it was all about inspecting the car and tuning. Now the below are some of the improvement area; 1. Hill hold should be a must for SX IMT variant because clutch is not under driver control and using handbrake to hold the vehicle uphill is tricky for newbies. 2. This car is not for track drivers and enthusiastic people. You can't hard accelerate the car. There is no wheel spin on tarmac. 3. The drawback of linear acceleration is that you feel very much underpowered while driving at lower speed and lower rpm range. 4. Turbo lag can be felt very much by experienced driver. 5. I felt that turbo boost is lost all of a sudden while driving at 3rd gear with hard throttling, might be due to opening of waste gate early. This is accompanied by a sudden loss of power. 6. Suspension is hard enough to feel each and every bumps and potholes on road. If you come across a pothole at high speed then a loud thud can be heard inside the cabin. Nothing to worry. Overall I love this car and I recommend this for a excellent buy. Thanks for reading my post.
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