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    Mini Beast Compass

    2 months ago | Euri
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    Let me start off by explaining the main reason that made me decide to put my money on the Jeep Compass. Since the car is an American built with Italian engine parts this is some assurance I can personally rely on for a long time when it comes to durability. Performance-wise I would rate a 5/5 as the riding experience the car gives you while driving is truly satisfying and the mileage is also quite decent considering its torque, weight, power and you can go on hard turnings easily without worry as the stability performance is exceptional. The only disappointment in this category is that it lacks cruise control. When it comes to external looks it got the attractive aggressive tradition Jeep grill look but its the opposite feeling when it comes to the interior because for an amount of more than INR 20Lakh other brand cars offer way too many interior features which puts the Jeep Compass interior to shame and the height of the car from floor to ceiling is quite short as most times it gets warm and humid inside the car which is quite a problem during summer and what is most disappointing is the sunroof option which is only available for the top model version!! Servicing has improved gradually in comparison to the previous years but Instant service helpline is not much helpful as promised by Jeep. This car is truly 'an urban off-roader' as advertised and not a real off-roader(where there is absolutely no road) except maybe the top model which have the 4x4 option but I still would not go exploring the wild considering the paint job cost. Anyways in my personal experience, I was once stuck on a sandy-muddy road and it took a really really long time to drive through as it kept rolling back on its own and skidding mainly because of its heavyweight and probably cause I don't have the 4x4 option hence I had to exert so much pressure on the cludge plate and engine! Altogether it was a disaster I'll never forget and what was more worst than watching other cars example i10, Alto easily glides through but Im quite sure the top model would be able to glide through easily too with the 4x4 option. Overall the car is truly unique which has set the benchmark for other mid-sized SUVs. It is a mini beast and a perfect mid-sized SUV for urban roads any day!
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