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    निसान किक्स xv प्री 1.5 डी [2019-2019] पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    My buying experience is amazing. I bought this car in October 2019. And the delar also give the best festival offer. Ride quality is excellent and the suspension setup is also best and the 210mm ground clearance is highest in the segment. Car looks macho in any angle you see and the 1.5 L diesel engine is most satisfied engine with power torque and fuel efficiency figure. I got 20.3 km/l avg on highway of 120 km of run and with the cruiseing speed of 100km/h this figure with 4 people and luggage also. I am satisfied with this avg of the car. In the city condition i got 15-16 km/l . I haven't done service in Nissan because I didn't complete 10k km yet. But my father's colague also have NISSAN KICKS and he did 23k km yet. So i take him service experience and he said the service staff is way familer with customers and the maintenance is very reliable for this type of car. There are many pros for this like first in segment 360 degree camera and many more. But 1 con i see in this car like top end trim doesn't come with auto folding mirror and NISSAN group applies this feature in lower segment like NISSAN MICRA and SUNNY. So i would suggest to NISSAN for upgrade this feature in KICKS also. this feature is most convenient feature for daily uses.
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