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    Well, I drove the Pre 1.3 turbo manual petrol variant. 1. Its got good road presence. where ever I had stopped it was a head-turner. Its dynamic, Energetic, a bit youthful in nature. Rear-end some may like as the tail light seemed a little funky. 2.CABIN- Interior is best with clean lines and elegant feel inside the cabin. Plush leatherette dashboard and seats. The moments you step on the car you feel it is well built. The doors are heavy and close with a thud. Interior quality is good. Everything feels well put together. It's spacious, even in the rear seats. Its a good cabin to be inside. and again you get that quality feel. NVH levels are good, feels damn quiet inside. 3. In terms of safety it comes with Vehicle dynamic control, ABS, EBD, Traction control, 4 airbags ...(could've included 2 more) , 360-degree parking is one of the best aid while parking. 4. Features, it comes decently equipped if not the best. 360-degree camera, 8-inch touch screen (no lag) android auto apple car play, dual-zone auto climate, rain-sensing wiper, light-sensing headlamp, cruise control...... 5. THE DRIVE. .... so the driver seat you notice is you sit a little height, you get an SUV feel. press the start-stop button, the clutch felt a little deep. and gear throws were okay-ish. moves like any turbo cars in the first and second gear. but the third gear was giving me explosive performance after the turbo starts kicking in around 2000rpm. 156 horsepower gives a great mid-range punch ..... Since the clutch was a bit deep i stalled the car 2 times. BUT TO MY SURPRISE. they have put a feature where if the vehicle goes off, you press the clutch again and it starts! that's neat!. The steering is a little heavy a low speed but on the highway, it gives confidence as it has got a little weight to it. But even the engine is not the talking point, its the suspension that makes this car a must buy. sometimes you don't even have to worry about bad roads. just go without braking...... this car feels solid planted, no road undulations can be felt inside the cabin. this suspension and vehicle dynamics is one class above. I was driving confidently around 100 kmph in a turn on average roads. i never felt so confident. Brakes are enough despite only has got front disc brakes. Overall i liked this car a lot. This car had put a big smile on my face. and its not a feature-packed car to make you feel like home inside. I felt it like an enthusiast preference fir a powerful, well-built quality, car. Something we can compare with Volkswagen, Skoda, fiat...... not Suzuki or Hyundai.
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