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MG introduces Womentorship initiative to encourage social women entrepreneurs

March 06, 2021, 05:50 PM IST by Jay Shah
MG introduces Womentorship initiative to encourage social women entrepreneurs

एमजी Motor India has partnered with the ‘Women Who Win’ organisation, to launch the Womentorship program in the country. This initiative will have a sole agenda of empowering women entrepreneurs, start-ups, professionals, and homemakers.

The alliance has selected five social women entrepreneurs who have previously worked selflessly for the prosperity of the underserved section of the society. MG will provide a platform for these women entrepreneurs to scale their social ventures to fresh heights and create jobs for more women in society. 

The five social women selected include - Smita Dugar, Bharti Trivedi, Jabeen Jambughodawala, Phoolbasan Bai Yadav, and Rupali Saini. Smita Dugar has passed on her design and craft knowledge to the marginalised segment and expanded her reach from one village to 30 villages and 1,500 artisans. Bharti Trivedi, a teacher by profession, has so far distributed menstrual hygiene kits to 20,000 girls across the country. 

Jabeen Jambughodawala has provided training and means of livelihood to over 1,500 tribal women of East Gujarat. Phoolbasan Bai Yadav has empowered women through farming, dairy products, and agarbatti making in a remote area in Chattisgarh. Lastly, Rupal Saini, a young businesswoman, is working to help the women of Panchkula, Haryana, to keep and grow the dying art of crochet. 

Speaking on the initiative, Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, “As a progressive, cause-driven brand, MG has always driven efforts to empower more women in society. The WOMENTORSHIP program is a testimony to our commitment to enable job creation which could impact thousands of people. It is an attempt to perhaps get one step closer to create an ecosystem in which women train, support, and uplift each other.”

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