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कुछ समय बाद इस ब्राउज़र को हमरा सपोर्ट बंद हो जाएगा। हम कहेंगे की अच्छे अनुभव के लिए आप कोई दुसरा ब्राउज़र उपयोग कीजिए। अधिक जानें

महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4

83 रिव्यूज़ | रिव्यू लिखें
2डब्ल्यूडी एटी
  • 2डब्ल्यूडी एटी
    डीज़लAutomatic (Torque Converter) 28,72,706
  • 4डब्ल्यूडी एटी
    डीज़लAutomatic (Torque Converter) 31,72,706
शहर चुनें
₹ 28.73 लाख
औसत एक्स. शोरूम प्राइज़

महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4 मूल विशेषताएं

प्राइज़₹ 28.73 लाख से शुरू
माइलेज 12.03 km/लीटर
इंजन 2157 cc
ट्रैंस्मिशन ऑटोमैटिक (टॉर्क कन्वर्टर)
फ़्यूल टाइप डीज़ल
बैठने की क्षमता 7

महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4 सारांश

Mahindra Alturas G4 Price: Mahindra Alturas G4 price starts at ₹ 28.73 Lakhs and goes upto ₹ 31.73 Lakhs. The price of Diesel variant for Alturas G4 ranges between ₹ 28.73 Lakhs - ₹ 31.73 Lakhs.
Mahindra Alturas G4 Versions: Alturas G4 is available in 2 variants. All the variants are Automatic (Torque Converter).
Mahindra Alturas G4 Colours: Alturas G4 is offered in 5 colours: Pearl White, D Sat Silver, LakeSide Brown, Napoli Black and Regal Blue. However, some of these colours are available in specific versions.
Mahindra Alturas G4 Competitors: Alturas G4 is competing against Ford Endeavour, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Honda CR-V, Kia Carnival and Volkswagen Tiguan AllSpace.
...और देखें

भारत में अल्टूरास जी4 की प्राइज़ लिस्ट

सॉरी, कोई मैचिंग वेरीएंट्स नहीं मिला.

तुलना करने के लिए 2 अल्टूरास जी4 वेरिएंट तक चुनें।

CarWale's Take

  • Good Things

    • Great interior fit and finish
    • Spacious cabin
    • Powerful diesel engine 
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  • Could be Better

    • Bumpy ride quality
    • Uncomfortable third-row seating 
    • Handling isn’t as good as rivals
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Alturas G4 Verdict

As a product the Alturas G4 is at par or in some cases better than the competition. The engine is powerful and refined, the macho exterior has lots of presence, interior

As a product the Alturas G4 is at par or in some cases better than the competition. The engine is powerful and refined, the macho exterior has lots of presence, interior quality is really good and the cabin is large with comfortable seating. The biggest hurdle for this Mahindra is the brand image which competitors like the Toyota and the Ford have in spades.

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Alturas G4 Review

This is the Alturas G4. Yes, it is a Mahindra. Yes, it does compete against the bigwigs which are the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour.


Mahindra Alturas G4 Review: Pros and Cons

This is the Alturas G4. Yes, it is a Mahindra. Yes, it does compete against the bigwigs which are the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour. And yes, you should still consider buying one. Here are five reasons why you should, and two reasons why you may not want to.


Mahindra Alturas G4 Review: Pros and Cons

It has presence

Let’s be honest here - we don’t buy the likes of the Fortuner and the Endeavour because these are great to drive or because they can haul a marriage party, or even take you to the moon and back. We buy them because, well, they are huge.

And in that sense, the Mahindra Alturas hits the nail on the head. Just look at it. Who could argue with its size! Add to it the high bonnet, the in-your-face grill, the pronounced edges all-round, and the Alturas aces the road presence bit as much as its competition, if not more.

Dimensionally, the Alturas measures 4850mm in length, 1960mm in width, and 1845mm in height. And that makes it longer, wider, and taller than the Fortuner. As we said, the Alturas is huge.

Mahindra Alturas G4 Review: Pros and Cons

It’s luxurious inside

Now, one might say that size comes easy to Mahindra, because, well, it has been making utility vehicles forever. But, can it produce a cabin that matches the Alturas’ high price tag?

Well, surprise, surprise. It can! To begin with, the doors close with the sort of thud that’s very reassuring. Then the choice of colours and the design of the dash, the door trims, and the seats, leave you with the feeling of being in a warm and welcoming place.

And there’s lots of equipment on board too. There’s keyless entry and start, mood lighting, a dual-zone climate control system with rear AC vents, a sunroof, and cooled front seats with the one for the driver also being 8-way electrically adjustable. And, it has memory function as well.

The multifunctional steering, meanwhile, is adjustable for reach and rake. You get one-touch up and down functionality for all power windows, which can also be operated via the key. And the Alturas gets automatic light and wipers, follow me home headlamps, tyre pressure monitoring, powered tailgate, cruise control, and a touchscreen multimedia system complete with Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

There’s a full-colour driver information system too. It throws up info on trip settings, fuel efficiency, and distance to empty, among others. In terms of safety, it gets 9 airbags, ESP, ABS, and a 360-degree surround camera.

Mahindra Alturas G4 Review: Pros and Cons

It’s big on space

The Alturas is large on the outside, that is clear. But, that also means it has acres of room on the inside. There’s enough head and shoulder room up front, and those large front seats do a good job of offering a comfortable and relaxing time to its occupants.

And then, when you move to the second row, there’s more space on offer in all dimensions compared to the Fortuner. And Fortuner isn’t exactly short on space either. And though the second-row seats are large, as well - and these come with a recline function for the backrest - they are positioned too close to the floor, leaving them with inadequate thigh support. As for the last row, well, we shall tackle that later in the video.

Mahindra Alturas G4 Review: Pros and Cons

It’s performance-packed

As it turns out, for all its size and spacious interiors, the Alturas actually has the smallest diesel engine in its class. It’s a 2.2-litre, four-cylinder diesel. And not surprisingly, it’s output figures are nothing to write home about. The Alturas makes a little under 180bhp of max power and 420Nm of peak torque.

But here’s the thing - the Alturas, even with the least output on paper is the quickest on the road! It is quicker to both 100kmph and 120kmph. It is also quicker in the kick-down tests, which is a reflection of the engine’s tractability and a vehicle’s ability to make quick overtakes. Plus, the engine is refined and quiet and happy to rev. And the Mercedes 7-speed gearbox feels seamless after what the competition offers.

Mahindra Alturas G4 Review: Pros and Cons

It can go anywhere

The Alturas comes in two versions - a 4x2 automatic, and the 4x4 automatic you see here. And, this one is a proper 4x4. You get a 2High mode which only powers the rear wheels, and this is good for most situations, be it in the city or for being playful on dirt.

Then there’s the 4High wherein the power is sent to both the front and rear axle. We found this mode to be particularly handy in slushy conditions. And though we didn’t try it over sand dunes, we feel it would come really handy if we were to head to Saam in Jaisalmer.

Then there’s the 4Low. And honestly, we rarely felt the need to engage the low ratio, unless we were going up a slippery incline. And to come down the same slippery hill, there’s Hill Descent too. Ah, and yes, in case you were wondering, it has over 240mm of ground clearance.


Mahindra Alturas G4 Review: Pros and Cons

Difficulty of ingress

The Alturas has a handsome ground clearance. And it is a body on ladder frame SUV. So, getting in and out from the SUV isn't all that easy. Let’s not consider this aftermarket floorboard, which means one has to jump in and out of the SUV. And if you decide to step in, well I am wearing loose denim. But, imagine if I were in a saree or a skirt...

Now, getting into the last row isn’t easy either. And when you get there, the fact that you sit on the floor with absolutely no knee room to speak about, just makes things worse. This is no fun.

Mahindra Alturas G4 Review: Pros and Cons

Unrefined dynamics

The Alturas G4 weighs over two tonnes. It stands almost 2 metres high. And its weight doesn’t exactly sit very close to the ground. Add to it, relatively slow steering, and the Alturas isn’t the most involving SUV to drive. But, it’s not nervous or ungainly. Just not very sharp.

But, the bigger issue is the ride quality. Drive it over poor or no roads at a fairly decent pace, and the Alturas feels good. There isn’t much side to side movement, no excessive pitch or roll, and it flattens almost everything. But, on the road, and at city speeds, its ride is very busy. It’s noisy, jiggly and not very absorbent. In fact, it isn’t as uncomfortable as it is irritating. You can live with it, of course. But, it isn’t particularly pleasing.


The Mahindra Alturas G4 has road presence. It t has space, it is feature-loaded, and with a capable 4x4 system, it can take you places. It isn’t the best when it comes to ride and handling, and it’s not the easiest to get in and out of, but choose it over its two most potent competitors, and you would still be happy with your purchase.

And to address the elephant in the room, no, this isn’t an SUV that was thought, designed or engineered by Mahindra. It is, in fact, a Ssanyong Rexton. And it is sold in the developed western markets in this shape and form, and it is appreciated. And that’s another positive for the Ssangyong...er... Mahindra Alturas G4.

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महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4 कलर

अल्टूरास जी4 भारत में निम्नलिखित कलर में उपलब्ध / बेची जाती है।

* यहां पर दिखाए कलर्स सांकेतिक हैं और ये कार के वास्तविक कलर्स से थोड़ा अलग हो सकते हैं।

महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4 का माइलेज

फ़्यूल टाइपट्रैंस्मिशनमाइलेज

(2157 cc)

Automatic (Torque Converter)12.03 km/लीटर

महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4 360° व्यू

महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4 एक्स्पर्ट रिव्यू

Mahindra Alturas G4 Review: Pros and Cons

Mahindra Alturas G4 Review: Pros and Cons

This is the Alturas G4. Yes, it is a Mahindra. Yes, it does compete against the bigwigs which are the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour.

08 Aug 2019 by Vikrant Singh | Read more

2018 Mahindra Alturas G4 First Drive Review

2018 Mahindra Alturas G4 First Drive Review

The car you see in the pictures is the new Mahindra Alturas G4 which is basically a rebadged version of the second generation SsangYong Rexton that made its debut internationally...

21 Nov 2018 by Ameya Dandekar | Read more

महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4 यूज़र रिव्यू

Premium quality

for Mahindra Alturas G4 on 17-Sep-2020 by Adnan Arif

One of the best car in SUV segment beating Toyota fortuner and Ford endeavour in every feature with low pricing smooth driving experience loaded with rich and premium features very...

Mind boggling

for Mahindra Alturas G4 on 09-Sep-2020 by Abhishek Sharma

This is such a great SUV in this price range...it's comfort...it's ride...it's features are really best...since I'm owning this I'm so happy and satisfied...it's maintenance is also...

My alturas

for Mahindra Alturas G4 on 10-Aug-2020 by Yogesh Pokar

Alturas is the best in the class vehicle.it has unique features in its segment.I think it's better than its rivalries.it is a value for money car and it is cheaper than its...

Excellent SUV

for Mahindra Alturas G4 on 10-Aug-2020 by Anas baig

The suv is a mammoth and gives immense road presencez Surely turns head wherever you go. The amount of features are worth every penny you spend on the car. The quality of material is...

Comfortable and Value for money

for Mahindra Alturas G4 on 19-Jul-2020 by Amit Anand

This car is Value for money car and low maintenance car . It's very very comfortable for driving in city and also a fast running SUV car which can give a very good experience on Long...

समाचार में महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4

Mahindra introduces new finance schemes

Mahindra introduces new finance schemes

Mahindra has introduced finance offering for accessories. The company will also be offering a range of additional finance schemes.

by Aditya Nadkarni | Read more

अपकमिंग महिंद्रा कार्स

सभी अपकमिंग महिंद्रा कार्स

भारत में महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4 की कीमत

सिटीऑन रोड प्राइज़
मुंबई₹ 34.89 लाख से शुरू
बैंगलोर₹ 36.23 लाख से शुरू
दिल्ली₹ 34.12 लाख से शुरू
पुणे₹ 34.8 लाख से शुरू
हैदराबाद₹ 34.51 लाख से शुरू
अहमदाबाद₹ 32 लाख से शुरू
चेन्नै₹ 34.8 लाख से शुरू
कोलकाता₹ 32.07 लाख से शुरू
चंडीगढ़₹ 32.5 लाख से शुरू

कार ख़रीदार के लिए टूल्स

हमारे ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा रिकमंड किए जाने वाले टूल्स आपको ख़रीद संबंधी योग्य निर्णय लेने में आपकी सहायता करेंगे

  • महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4 इमेजेस
    महिंद्रा अल्टूरास जी4₹ 28.73 लाख औसत एक्स. शोरूम प्राइज़
  • वर्ज़न2डब्ल्यूडी एटी
  • डीलर से ऑफ़र पाएं
नई कार ख़रीद रहे हैं?एक्स्पर्ट से पूछें1800 2090 230(टोल फ्री)

ऑफ़र्स के लाभ के लिए अपना शहर चुनें

फ़िलहाल सिर्फ़ यहां उपलब्ध