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My Review is Genuine. Read it before Purchasing. - Hyundai Santro Sportz AMT [2018-2020] Review

A user review on हुंडई सैंट्रो. Written by K K Agarwal on 05 July, 2019

प्राइस: ₹ 4.63 - 6.31L
एक्स-शोरूम, नई दिल्ली
K K Agarwal's Ratings
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वर्ज़न रिव्यू : Sportz AMT [2018-2020]
ख़रीदारी : नई
परिचय : कुछ हजार किलोमीटर

Full Review

I purchased my car from Koncept Hyundai Okhla, New Delhi. I want to list out the pros and cons of the car. I purchased the PETROL AMT SPORTZ version. PROS: 1. Good Average on Highways and a nice one too in the city. On Highways, I got average around 22Kmpl and in City if my wife drives then she is able to get 12-Kmpl and as I'm driving cars for 20 years year so I get Average around 15-17 Kmpl. I have calculated both averages with Airconditioner Turned ON at 95% times! 2. Rear AC Vent very nice. Back Seat riders will love it. In a longer run when car ac looses its performence so a rear ac will give you extended time to get your ac repaired as back seat people will feel as same as front one. 3. Excellent (I really mean it) Sound System. Android Auto along with its good speakers really nice one. (I was earlier thinking to purchase Tata Tiago AMT however its AMT (in 2019 March) didn't have a touch screen and android auto.) 4. Very Nice Interior. Looks Premium as compared with Tiago/Celerio/WagonR. 5. At my time AMT didn't have Reverse Parking Camera but I have heard that Hyundai has now upgraded even AMT Sports with Rear Parking Camera. In my case, I have to drill a hole in the bumper and put rear parking camera and its connectivity to the existing infotainment system via Hyundai dealers only. So I was about to put this option in 'cons' section however as santro is supplying it now so it now comes in pros section! 6. The only car to have a 4 Cylinder Engine in this segment. The engine is super silent and if you are an experienced driver like me then you'll notice the difference in comparison with other cars like Tiago, celerio etc. 7. Excellent AC. 8. So far shocker quality is decent. However its ground clearance is not best (when u compare it with Kwid/Tiago/Tiago NRG). So beware of bumps. 9. I took it to Hill Stations 3 times now. No problem. (My last visit was to Narcanda which is in Shimla and known to be a difficult terrain). Lets now talk about CONS 1. Even though quality is good however I will miss Tata Tiago's Steel quality. 2. Not good on Highways (when in comparision with tiago). Car on Top Speed is little less stable. 3. No Alloy wheels (however I don't mind if hyundai gave me a 4 cylinder engine in this segment against such features) 4. AMT Transmission is not as smooth as you see in Youtube Reviews done by many famous reviewers. AMT Transmission is nice however if you drive nicely. It'll take you some time to learn how to drive AMT Cars without any jerks. I.e you need to excel the timing of accelerator pedal. Don't worry you'll get used to it. However Its AMT is equivalent to Celerio X and Kwid Tranmissions.There is nothing extra ordinary as the reviewers (I don't wnat to mention their names intentionally) were boasting of it on your Youtube Channels. Its a normal AMT Car and its experience will depend how you handle AMT 5. No Parking Mode in AMT. On AMT if you are trying to park on an steep incline then god help you as you are only dependent on your handgear. Please use bricks like I do to ensure that car don't skid as sometimes hand gear looses its friction 6. Wiper have only TWO Speeds. You cannot drive in rain (it its drizzing i.e very less rain). You have to manually on and off the wipers which is a very frustating experience. The two speeds of wiper are fast and very fast. There is no low speed wiper like in Wagon R, Tiago etc 7. Driver Seat is not for any guy taller than 5.8 Feet (Recommended). Seat adjustment is not much confortable as seat either goes too deep or too shallow. This is applicable for both i.e for going back and forth and for chair tilt. 8. No Steering Adjustment (Up and Down) 9. Boot space is very less when compared with that to Tiago and even Kwid. This car gives you a very small bootspace. One reason that I have noticed is that the rear seats are more inclined backwards (as compared to Tiago/Kwid/Celeio). So luggage space will be a problem 10. Like other cars in this segment 3 people cannot sit comfortable on back side. 11. No Rear Wiper in AMT 12. No 60-40 Split like you get in Maruti Cars (starting from Celerio).
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