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Looking for Honda Civic review? Here are the reviews and ratings by Civic owners from across the country

Honda Civic Pictures
प्राइज़: ₹ 17.95 लाख से शुरू
औसत एक्स. शोरूम प्राइज़
सिविक विवरण | ऑन रोड प्राइज़

निजी Honda Civic?
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  • Best in mid sedan Segment

    by Vishal Singh, 1 year ago

    Better late than never. This car is one of best in sedan segment, appearance and safety features are extremely good,it fulfils all our desire that we...... read complete review

  • Glorious

    by Prakash Purohit, 1 month ago

    Words are not enough to express my feelings. It's one of the best designed car in a world with greatest luxury and comfort. It gives you bestest...... read complete review

  • Amazing Car

    by BHARATH REDDY, 3 months ago

    Good availablity of showroom all over the country It's Very comfortable to drive Wonderful look and great pickup and mileage low Servicing and...... read complete review

  • Poor and Pathetic

    by Samir Panjwani, 1 year ago

    Buying experience: My sister purchased it a few days back not me , i ued it for a few daya and drove around 100 to 120 kilometres on all kinds of...... read complete review

  • Head Turner

    by KAPIL, 1 year ago

    Bought the Top Petrol Variant just couple of days back, i was confused since almost a month which Sedan should i buy out of the 3 cars in this...... read complete review

  • Disappointment Overloaded

    by KAPIL, 1 year ago

    Had a test drive of AT petrol civic ..i think this car lacks Pick up compare to Altis ... Interiors were too Dull Music system was just OK The only...... read complete review

  • You should buy this car

    by Pratham momale , 10 months ago

    You should buy this car this experience is very good plz Thanks for civic...... read complete review

  • Not Worth a penny.

    by Sunoj Reddy, 1 year ago

    I'm a car enthusiast. Supposed to be a great competition to Skoda Octavia and Toyota Corolla, it's no where matching upto it. My cousin got this car...... read complete review

  • Striking Design

    by neelesh kamath, 6 months ago

    Proud owner of the new Honda Civic. This is my dream car since my childhood. I am proud that I am able to afford this car at this stage of my career....... read complete review

  • Detailing civic

    by Kanhaiya sharma , 1 year ago

    Great car with great specifications lacks only in automatic gear box in diesel variant Automatic gear box is need of today due to driving...... read complete review


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