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    Toyota fortuner the Hero

    1 year ago | AFFAN

    User Review on Toyota Fortuner [2016-2021] TRD Celebratory Edition [2019-2020]

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    Its my mate since ages
    Toyota fortuner is a SUV we can purchase this s car for a family and as a family car it has a very powerful engine as a family they has a lot of luggage with them it can hold them and easy take it to your destination without and discomfort it is very comfortable we can not even feel that the car has climb a speed beaker it has a good stability in the review it has written that it has less mileage but tell me friend the engine is to powerful so it need that much diesel now you can compare a child of 11year and a adult of a 23 Or 24 years the adult is more powerful but the child eat very less food but the adults eat twice to the child as it perform more power so the is the same. Personally it is my dream car but it is so expensive but I understand that the quality is the best there is full value for our money .as a SUV all the features are there there when ever we compare the car with other car the car is always in the lead . The mission safety cars a in India the car has easily pass the test and The other company like Maruti Suzuki, etc Has got a very big loss so with this we can understand that the car is the best in safety features .this car is also used for off-road as the tyre there is no more difference between the truck tyre and fortuner tyre. And I read that the third row is not comfortable but my dear friend the third row is for children not for adult the second row is for adults so this shows that the cars design of the car good for family. We can buy the car in just 5daus which is very good thing otherwise car like Kia seltos Has the wait list up-to six months. So it is a car for the family and the business man as well . It has a very good riding expirence the sound of the engine if we accumulate is like a jet plan it is like a sports car . The company offers 68%resail value after 5years .so no one can offer this offer So friends I will not take more time ok . Friends I offer this car for everyone who reading this review
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