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    Land Rover Discovery User Reviews

    Looking for Land Rover Discovery? Here are the reviews and ratings by Discovery owners from across the country.

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      Land Rover 4WD VEHICLES will never anywhere in off roaring. The best offroaders in the world. Can take this vehicle to forest, snow, water up to its bonnet height, sand , etc. Wonderful
      Read More
      1 year ago | Liyaquat Ali Khan
    • Tough Luxury Full Size Off Roading SVU
      Details about looks, performance etc: Superb looking full size luxury SUV.
      Servicing and maintenance: Yes, Hear the Land Rover is clear winner. Because all big three German companies Audi,BMW, & Mercedes-Benz providing warranty for only 2 years. While Land Rover is providing warranty for three years. In terms of maintenance German car always need more money to maintain. So hear this car has plus point compare to German rivals
      Pros and Cons: Pros:- True off roading SUV. Good HEIGHT compare to German SUVs. Ground clearance better than rivals Wading depth is excellent. Cons:- Interior looks little bit old style. Infotainment system can be better. Interior design can be modernised.
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      2 years ago | Shivam Trivedi
    • Ghost rider
      Car is hard to drive experience in my chance opinion these is one of the part of my body in driving switchion plzzz buy the car to used to long driving change your opinion to plzzz drive
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      2 years ago | Mohan
    • review
      its fuel efficiency is more as compared to other vehicles at same system is more .and its look is wow awesome and it is so comfortable. music system is of high quality audio output and it contains more sensors as compared to other a worthy car in this range.its the brand bynot only look but also performance
      Read More
      2 years ago | Yoyojatt Aman
    • Dont buy Land Rover - total rubbish - its never over its a rover!
      Land Rover Cars usually look good, however, the D5 is just ugly. That Land Rover Cars usually look good and this is also usually the only "positive" thing about Land Rover Jaguar. 1) Terrible Quality: During Warranty everything will be "fine" - you only have to go a few dozen times to your dealer to fix the "first" things, including many SW-Updates. However the quality will show its true face after warranty - if you think: "Now that is it, everything is fixed now, the next part will fail." On the D4 the Dieselengines like to fail between 150tkm and 200tkm - thats the same "Ingenium Engines" you will buy with your D5. There are failures in the D4 that are also known to D3 users for a decacde (e.g. elekctric Handbrake, Door locks, Air suspension ...) - I dont believe they solved all of them in the D5. The car is "just" to new to fail. Wait 2-3 Years and you will get the first customer experiences out of warranty! 2) Terrible Service: Before I will bring my car to JLR again (exception warranty issues) I would rather let the "Spice Girls" do the service. The JLR Garages are usually incompetent and like to charge you for things they never did - e.g. checking the car properly. 3) High prices: I know that a parking sensor costs less then 10€ when sold by the supplier. At JLR you the part for approx. 100€ if your parking sensor fails (in my case about 4 out of 6). 4) No fairness from JLR side: A failure of the car at 105tkm or 3years and 1month (1 month out of guarantee). You want to get a fair repair price from JLR - dont even ask about it. They will decline! You will rather get a Daimler new engine for your BMW for free before getting a 5€ part from JLR if you are 1day/1km out of warranty. At my car 4 of 6 glow plugs failed - thats just bad quailty. Now participations from JLR on this topic.
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      2 years ago | Sascha Mueller
    • Queen

      Awsome and wow exp to drive the queen my god realy amazing never felt tierd to drive it. Its A dream car afterall when she is on the road it says leave the way for me it all mine and am the queen of Hearts and roads its realy feel like jet to drive. Beautifull and lovely congrats to company to made this marvel.

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      2 years ago | vinay ahuja
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