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    2020 Hyundai Verna SX (O) Turbo Long Term Review: Highway Report

    Authors Image

    Vikrant Singh

    Hyundai Verna Right Front Three Quarter


    Right Front Three Quarter

    As mentioned in the last report, we took our long term Hyundai Verna Turbo out to some twisty roads and also squeezed in an intercity run in the last month. That’s of course in addition to the regular city runs we have been putting the Verna through. But before we tell you more about that, here’s a reminder of what we like and what we don’t about the Verna when it comes to living with it in the city.

    We like the seats, the visibility, the quiet and effortless driving experience, and the wireless charging! But, we still haven’t gotten used to its occasional low-speed lurchiness, the low sill height that makes door openings a cautious affair, and the limited view offered by the ORVMs.

    Now, to the highway experience.

    Things We Like

    Overall dynamics. Be it the quick and linear turn-in, the controlled body roll mid corner, or the engine torque that makes corner exits a joy, the Verna Turbo is actually a fun-to-drive car around the twisties. Something we could never have imagined when Verna first took this shape way back in 2011.

    Right Front Three Quarter

    Engine and gearbox combo. The one-litre turbo petrol and the dual clutch automatic work really well as a combo on the Verna. Now, these might not impart the Verna with racecar abilities, but be it quick three digit highway cruise, last minute overtakes, or even driving spiritedly on a twisty road, the engine and seven-speed DCT are always up to the task. Could it do with more power and torque? Of course! Does it need it? Not at all.

    Second Row Seats

    Rear seat comfort. There’s ample knee, leg, and headroom. But, it’s the seat squab length and cushioning; the seat back angle and head rest position; and the central and door armrest position and padding, that makes spending hours in the backseat both a relaxed and less tedious affair.


    Boot space. The Verna has over 450 litres of boot space. But, it’s not just the figure that’s impressive. The boot is deep and wide. And it can swallow a lot of stuff. In fact, it took in more stuff than its sibling, the Creta, on the one occasion we had to switch cars with the Verna’s boot packed to the gills. We had to move stuff to the Creta’s rear seat to fit everything in.

    Things We Didn’t Like

    Loaded dynamics. The Verna is fun with two or three people on board and their luggage stowed away in the boot. But put five inside, and fill up the boot to the gills, and it’s best to drive the Verna sedately. It will still go around a corner, and it will still take on undulated and poorly leveled roads. But, when loaded it takes longer to settle on its springs. And some tall speed breakers can get the better of it.

    Steering Wheel

    Steering feel. It has a quick, linear, and predictable response. But it lacks feel. And even though it allows one to drive the Verna hard and with precision, a more feel-some steering would have elevated the whole driving experience.

    What’s Next?

    Right Rear Three Quarter

    Soon it will be time to say goodbye to the Verna. Our next report then will summarise our experience about living with it for nearly six months. We will tell you about the fuel efficiency it returned, if we used and enjoyed all the features it comes packed with, the challenges we faced with the car, and finally, if one should put down their hard-earned money – almost Rs 16 .5 lakh of it (on-road) – on this particular SX (O) Turbo trim.

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