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Looking for Toyota Fortuner review? Here are the reviews and ratings by Fortuner owners from across the country

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प्राइस: ₹ 30.36 लाख से शुरू
औसत एक्स. शोरूम प्राइस
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  • Toyota a dream.

    by MT probe, 3 months ago

    1.When I bought this car. Then I was imagining that my childhood dreams come true. This car was awesome. 2. I have ride this car to 5 thousand...... read complete review

  • Driving the beast.

    by Qureshi Tahir, 3 months ago

    Definitely is the best SUV in it's segment. You should not worry the least while travelling in the Toyota Fortuner, the car is more than capable to...... read complete review

  • On their way out of India if their prices are this high.

    by Sriram TR, 4 months ago

    Senseless pricing touching 48 Lakhs on road for a Toyota Fortuner Legender in Bangalore is absolutely crazy. There is more stiff competition coming...... read complete review

  • Toyota fortuner royal

    by Riahabh , 3 months ago

    Top class royal feeling in sit the luxury cars and respectful our quality based crazy used political and royalty comfort zone under 50 lakh top...... read complete review

  • Real Openion.

    by charan, 3 months ago

    I ride on my friends Fortuner for few thousand kilometres. Ride quality is good and performance is also good. Too much overpricing. Innova having...... read complete review

  • The best SUV for Indians.

    by Prakash jha, 3 months ago

    I have 4×2 diesel AT. One of my best SUV that I ever used, what a powerful engine, pickup is mind blowing, overall my experience with this car is...... read complete review

  • Fantabulous

    by Amit Arora, 1 month ago

    It's the best car I have ever ride. I bought Fortuner in 2012 and travelled more than 100000 km. The price may be over priced. But overall it's...... read complete review

  • Toyota Fortuner review

    by Manjunatha C Achar , 1 month ago

    48 lakh.its overpriced. Tata safari 2021, Toyota innova right choices I think 2 Tata safari will come for this price con's bumpy riding, body roll, ...... read complete review

  • Old School Favorite but not worth the price

    by Vistrit Pandey, 3 months ago

    So I bought this car almost 2 weeks back. I had to buy a 4x4 automatic for my drive case. Fortuner is every one's favorite. But with the new...... read complete review

  • Cute beast

    by VIVEK ANAND, 1 month ago

    Toyota Fortuner was one of my childhood dream, and now it came true . Awesome experience. For a person who loves driving its best choice because ride...... read complete review


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