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My First three weeks with Harrier. - Tata Harrier XT [2019-2020] Review

A user review on टाटा हैरियर. Written by Chirag on 28 June, 2019

प्राइस: ₹ 14 - 20.45L
एक्स-शोरूम, नई दिल्ली
Chirag's Ratings
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वर्ज़न रिव्यू : XT [2019-2020]
ख़रीदारी : नई
परिचय : कुछ सौ किलोमीटर ‌

Full Review

1. Buying Experience : -> ABC AutoLink Vadodara, Worst service from a dealer, no proper arrangement, no internal communication between their employees, no good vehicle pre delivery check (i got vehicle with one tail light not working and firmware of my music system not upgraded to latest), and after sale service is pathetic (been 3 weeks and still waiting for my accessories to be fitted.), No co-ordination when you visit them, my last word, NEVER EVER buy even a pin from ABC AutoLink. 2. Riding Experience: ->City Driving: Its a huge vehicle, so in city traffic its pain to drive but as like any other big SUV so no complains on that, however harrier has its connectnext/drivenext system that helps you improve your driving skills during driving & post driving analysis of your trips using their drivenext app. -> Highway driving: I have been on a long run once, it was 440km drive in a day, vehicle roles good, acceleration and braking is awesome, stability of the vehicle is superb, however the clutch is hard and long, also the power steering is hydraulic instead of electronic (so it feels bit heavy), i feel the gear knob is little awkwardly placed back so you have to keep your hand little back that gives little pain over long drive. horn is extremely hard pressing it for a day and your ankle muscles starts to pain. gear is also i feel little hard and it has 6 gears so you keep on changing gears on highway as well when driving between 60 to 100. that's also i feel little annoying. the cruise control works good and using it improves mileage drastically, overall if you are not on expressway you get tired driving 300+ kms. -> Off road driving: still waiting for my next photography trip with new car when this beast gets its first off road drive, i will be updating this review after that experience. -> Driving modes: My variant (XT) of harrier comes with three driving mode (City/Economy/Sports), city mode in traffic & sports mode on highway works quite well, its basically the difference of how vehicle accelerates, by definition Economy mode suppose to improve mileage i tried it on highway but it doesn't feel like its helping much moreover you loose fast acceleration but i still need to try that again, in city the economy mode does not seem to improve the fuel economy much compare to city mode. also one annoying thing is every time you stop vehicle the mode shifts default to city. i want it to hold the mode while i stop on highway or in city for small breaks. overall i reached upto mileage 17.8 on highway and avg 11.5 in city drives. i dont know its good or bad for harrier, i will find out that once i meet someone else who has harrier. 3. Details about looks, performance etc.: -> Infotainment System : the music system from harman is great, it plays like rockstar, however the connectnext head unit app is pathetic, using android auto and it crashes twice in a hour. once the steering mounted push to talk button completely stopped working for whole day, also it doesn't have much features, overall the vehicle does not have much configuration possibilities which i believe it could have been, music system touch screen feels like 2010 not smooth and responds slower than modern day phone screens, rear camera resolution is very low and frame rate is also very low though it does the job overall. my variant of harrier (XT) comes without sub woofer and amplifier which is not the case in top model, the top (XZ) model comes which subwoofer and amplifier, i asked the dealer if i can purchase the same seperately from them and get fitted in my car which they straight away rejected. which made me sad since i am music freak and during test drive of top model i felt like the woofer really adds value. which is not in my car but the existing system does the good job. so if you are not music freak its fine to go with stock music system. -> Air Conditioning : Air conditioning works good, does the job, vents on front seats are placed quite close so it feels good, on a rear seat they are placed on door side which is also new and unique design. one bad thing about air conditioning system is it does not completely isolate outside air when you set mode to recirculate inside air i noticed that because i can smell outside stuff which is never the case in my Maruti suzuki swift. ->Space and other comfort: ; its a specious vehicle, you will never feel any space problem at any place in the vehicle. though the door open knobs are placed little back so you need to move your hand back to open them (bit annoying). the interior of the vehicle feels very rich, the material being used feels premium, dashboard is awesome. The rear view mirrors i feel are hugh (i think its required) but i believe they are wrongly placed, it block my 90 degree to 45 degree side window view, which i feel its crucial to see vehicles coming from side while approaching crossroads, it could have been placed little lower to keep the view clean. -> Various noise : the vehicle is noisy as is with the other diesel engines, it vibrates as well, but its in control i think, the music system overrides that noise so its not annoying me atleast. but i will be writing more about it once i drive jeep compass which has same engine and XUV500 to put this to comparison, to compare it with my old swift diesel does not make sense since both vehicles are quite different in nature. gear shift noise annoys me a little vehicle makes engine stall noise during second gear clutch press when the RPM close to 1000, slightly below i understand but also sometimes slightly above 1000 as well which does not happen in my swift), during test drive i talked about it to sales representative and he tried to convince me that its a feature in compass, harrier & XUV500, to keep RPM high to avoid damage to engine (he suggested that basically at the places where i can accelerate my swift in second gear for harrier i need to go to first gear) which i am not following for now. -> Exterior look : exterior look of the vehicle is amazing it looks stylish and premium, so the interior. 4. service and maintenance, : 3 weeks only and first service still due, i will update this review after my service experience. 5. Pros & Cons. -> I think i mentioned everything in above topics related to pros and cons of the vehicle. still lets try to summarize Pros : 1. Stylish & premium Exterior & interior 2. Good ground clearance 3. Good infotainment sound quality. 4. Spacious vehicle. 5. drive modes, good fuel economy. Cons: 1. pathetic infotainment system response. 2. low resolution rear view camera. 3. outside smell isolation of Air conditioning system. 4. Less configuration features 5. wrongly placed rear view mirrors. 6. gear shift noise.
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