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    rxs 1.5 पेट्रोल एमटी
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    ₹ 9.84 लाख
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    रेनो डस्टर की प्रमुख विशेषताएं

    प्राइस₹ 9.84 लाख onwards
    14.19 to 16.5 किमी प्रति लीटर
    और देखें
    इंजन1330 to 1498 cc
    ट्रैंस्मिशनमैनुअल और ऑटोमैटिक (सीवीटी)
    ईंधन के प्रकारपेट्रोल
    बैठने की क्षमता5 सीटर

    रेनो डस्टर सारांश

    The Renault Duster turbo-petrol variant has been launched in India, with prices ranging from Rs 10.49 lakh to Rs 13.59 lakh (all prices, ex-showroom, all India). The model is available in five trims across MT and CVT variants. The Duster turbo-petrol, which was showcased at the Auto Expo 2020, is powered by a 1.3-litre turbo-petrol engine.

    Under the hood of the Renault Duster turbo-petrol variant is a 1.3-litre engine producing 154bhp and 254Nm of torque. Transmission options include a six-speed manual transmission and a CVT unit, with the latter also featuring a seven-speed manual mode. These variants return a claimed fuel efficiency of 16.5kmpl and 16.42kmpl respectively.

    Changes to the exterior of the Renault Duster turbo-petrol variant includes Crimson Red accents on the grille, front bumper, roof rails, fog lamp cluster and tail-gate embellisher. Also on offer are body coloured ORVMs, new 17-inch alloy wheels and black roof rails.

    Inside, the Renault Duster turbo-petrol version comes equipped with a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and voice recognition, cruise control, Arkamys sourced four speaker and two tweeter music system, engine start-stop button. Safety features on the model include dual airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, speed alert system, seat belt reminder, reverse parking camera, ESP and hill start assist.

    रेनो डस्टर की प्राइस

    रेनो डस्टर की प्राइस ₹ 9.84 लाख से शुरू होती है और ₹ 14.25 लाख तक जाती है।डस्टर के लिए पेट्रोल वर्ज़न की प्राइस ₹ 9.84 लाख - ₹ 14.25 लाख के बीच है।

    फ़्यूल टाइप और ट्रैंस्मिशन के अनुसार फ़िल्टर करें
    वर्ज़न्सएक्स-शोरूम प्राइसविशेष विवरणतुलना

    डस्टर rxs 1.5 पेट्रोल एमटी

    ₹ 9.84 लाख
    1498 cc, पेट्रोल, मैनुअल, 14.19 किमी प्रति लीटर
    मेरे शहर में प्राइस दिखाएंऑफ़र्स पाएं

    डस्टर rxz 1.5 पेट्रोल एमटी

    ₹ 10.46 लाख
    1498 cc, पेट्रोल, मैनुअल, 14.19 किमी प्रति लीटर
    मेरे शहर में प्राइस दिखाएंऑफ़र्स पाएं

    डस्टर rxe 1.3 टर्बो पेट्रोल एमटी

    ₹ 11.24 लाख
    1330 cc, पेट्रोल, मैनुअल, 16.5 किमी प्रति लीटर
    मेरे शहर में प्राइस दिखाएंऑफ़र्स पाएं

    डस्टर rxs 1.3 टर्बो पेट्रोल एमटी

    ₹ 12.03 लाख
    1330 cc, पेट्रोल, मैनुअल, 16.5 किमी प्रति लीटर
    मेरे शहर में प्राइस दिखाएंऑफ़र्स पाएं

    डस्टर rxz 1.3 टर्बो पेट्रोल एमटी

    ₹ 12.65 लाख
    1330 cc, पेट्रोल, मैनुअल, 16.5 किमी प्रति लीटर
    मेरे शहर में प्राइस दिखाएंऑफ़र्स पाएं

    डस्टर rxs 1.3 टर्बो पेट्रोल सीवीटी

    ₹ 13.63 लाख
    1330 cc, पेट्रोल, ऑटोमैटिक (सीवीटी), 16.42 किमी प्रति लीटर
    मेरे शहर में प्राइस दिखाएंऑफ़र्स पाएं

    डस्टर rxz 1.3 टर्बो पेट्रोल सीवीटी

    ₹ 14.25 लाख
    1330 cc, पेट्रोल, ऑटोमैटिक (सीवीटी), 16.42 किमी प्रति लीटर
    मेरे शहर में प्राइस दिखाएंऑफ़र्स पाएं
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    CarWale का मत

    • अच्छी बातें
      • Unparalleled ride quality
      • Punchy turbo-petrol motor
      • Spacious cabin with 475-litre of boot
    • और बेहतर हो सकती थीं
      • Some cabin plastic isn’t up to the segment expectation
      • Feels outdated
      • Clutch is slightly heavy

    डस्टर पर विचार

    With the BS6 update, the Renault Duster has gained a punchy turbo-petrol engine, but had to let go of the trusty diesel motor. It continues to be a rugged SUV with class-leading ride comfort, while offering tremendous value. However, the largely unchanged styling and dated interiors have made it long in the tooth.

    डस्टर की समीक्षा

    Renault Duster RXZ 1.3 Turbo Petrol MT First Drive Review

    What is it?

    Why I would buy it?

    Pliant ride quality, strong diesel motor and capable off-roader (AWD).

    Why I would avoid it?

    Cumbersome to drive in city, notchy gearbox and average NVH levels.

    What is it?

    This is the 2019 Renault Duster AWD, and it brings an air of freshness to the SUV with aesthetic changes to its exteriors and interiors. And as before, it is available with the same engine/drive-train option. But unlike the older model (which was available in the top-spec variant), this one is only available in the mid-spec RXS trim. So, let's see what the new Duster AWD facelift brings to the table.

    The Duster has changed the perception of how we look at mid-SUVs, what with its macho looks, bulbous styling and immense road presence. It was always an imposing SUV, and the updated styling further elevates its presence. A larger chunk of the design overhaul has happened at the front. The fascia now features a new three-slat chrome radiator grille, a redesigned bumper with updated fog lamp clusters, and a reworked scuff plate. The headlights, although retain the shape, get revised internals with projector units and the much-needed LED DRLs. That said, Renault should have offered LED headlights to keep-up with the competition.

    In profile, the new 17-inch machined alloys are the only giveaways of it being a new model. That said, certain bits like the door handles or the plain-looking ORVMs stick out like a sour thumb. At the rear, changes include a slightly tweaked scuff plate with a black finish and a blacked-out Duster badge. The top-spec RXZ trim also gets a black plastic applique on the tailgate. The chrome lining at the bottom of the tailgate of the pre-facelift model has been given a miss with the new Duster.

    How is it on the inside?

    Like the exteriors, the interiors, too, are redone on the new Renault Duster. The dashboard has been tweaked a bit and the chunky D-cut steering wheel feels nice to hold. Renault has done away with the top storage slot, which was quite handy to stow loose cash and other items. Instead, you now get a cooled glove box at the top as well, which replaces the recessed dashboard area on the older model. Then there's the redone central console with a piano black surround and square AC vents. The seven-inch touchscreen system finally gets support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. That said, the placement of certain features could have been better. For instance, the display and AC controls are placed lower, which requires the driver to look away from the road to operate its functions. Further, the window control enclosure constantly fiddles with your right leg, and the steering-column-mounted audio controls aren't placed at the most ideal location. All of this might take some time to get used to.

    It gets hard plastics all around, and the fit and finish leave a lot to be desired, especially at a price point of over Rs 15 lakhs (on the road). There are rough edges at some places, and a refined cabin would have worked well for the new Duster. That said, the SUV is spacious and the large glass area makes it roomier. The front seats are very comfortable with the right amount of padding and side support. You sit high-up and the view out is good too. However, the Duster AWD misses out on seat height adjustment. And although it is offered on the top-spec RXZ trim, it is painstakingly difficult to operate.

    The rear seats are comfortable as ever, and the wider dimensions allow three adults to seat abreast with relative ease. There's ample knee, head and legroom for everyone, and the middle-seat passenger also gets a fixed headrest. You also get a central armrest with twin cup holders. It gets a decently large boot-space capacity of 475-litres and the flat loading lip helps in shoving big suitcases with ease.

    In terms of safety net, Renault has you covered with dual front airbags, ABS with EBD and Brake Assist, rear parking sensors, speed alert system and seat belt reminder. The Duster AWD benefits from features like ESP, hill hold control, an intelligent AWD drive-train and an independent suspension setup. However, it misses out on comfort and convenience features like automatic climate control, cruise control, driver seat-height adjustment with lumbar support, rear wiper, fog lamps, and GPS navigation, which are available in the top-of-the-line RXZ trim. And for its price, Renault should have offered some of these features on the AWD version.

    How does it drive?

    The new Renault Duster AWD uses a 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel motor that develops 108bhp and 245Nm. It is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. The oil burner has some diesel clatter at start-up but settles to a relatively quiet idle. However, you do hear a slight thrum at all times. Off the mark, the motor offers punchy performance. It pulls cleanly and the meat of the power is available in the mid-range. There's enough torque lower down the rev range, which helps in overtaking vehicles in city limits. This is also aided, in no small feat, by the short-geared transmission, although, the first gear feels pointless in the city. And the engine has good highway manners as well. A slight dab on the accelerator is enough to dart the SUV ahead.

    However, the driving fun is taken away by the notchy gearbox, which although has short throws, requires a little effort to slot into the gears, and the transitions too, aren’t seamless. Then there's the clutch. It has a long pedal action, is slightly heavy to operate and also feels a bit spongy in feel. The steering is a mixed bag. It is precise and offers good feel and feedback. However, it is cumbersome to use in slow-speed city-driving scenarios, and out on the highway, it sends a sudden kickback if the SUV goes over mid-corners bumps or section joints. NVH levels, too, could have been better as a lot of noise filters into the cabin, and you can hear the engine, suspension and tyres working.

    The ride and handling, though, is top-class in the segment. The slightly firmer suspension setup feels a bit stiff at low-speeds but absorbs road undulations brilliantly. And the way it just smothers bigger potholes and broken roads is commendable. The Duster remains unfazed by the worst of the roads. A special mention here goes to the independent suspension setup on the Duster AWD.

    While the Duster AWD has good on-road manners, it is seriously capable off-road too. And testimony to this is the recent 2019 CarWale Off-Road Day, where the Duster shined in most of the tests. The intelligent AWD system and the well-judged suspension helps in navigating through the slushy terrains and off-road trails without breaking into a sweat. Also, the low weight and quick steering aids manoeuvring past obstacles with ease. If only it had a more powerful engine, climbing steep gradients and crests wouldn’t have been a task for this French SUV.

    Should I buy one?

    So, there you have it. The Renault Duster AWD was always a formidable package that offered a robust build, macho looks and a mature ride. The 2019 update brings cosmetic upgrades to the SUV to keep it relevant against the rising competition. And although it isn’t tech-loaded or polished as the competition, it makes an excellent case for itself as a capable off-roader mid-SUV in a sea of crossovers.

    Where does it fit in?

    The Renault Duster AWD retails at Rs 12.55 lakhs (ex-showroom India), and it is the only offering in its segment to get an AWD option. The other option you have is the Mahindra Scorpio 4WD, which isn’t a direct rival and is priced Rs 4.5 lakhs over the Duster AWD.

    Pictures by Kapil Angane

    पूरा रिव्यू

    डस्टर के विकल्प

    निसान किक्स

    निसान किक्स

    ₹ 9.50 लाख
    से शुरु
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    डस्टर कलर्स

    रेनो डस्टर 2021 भारत में निम्नलिखित रंगों में उपलब्ध/बेचा जाता है।

    कैस्पियन ब्लू
    कैस्पियन ब्लू

    रेनो डस्टर माइलेज

    फ़्यूल टाइपट्रैंस्मिशनएआरएआई माइलेज


    (1330 cc)

    मैनुअल16.5 किमी प्रति लीटर


    (1330 cc)

    ऑटोमैटिक (सीवीटी)16.42 किमी प्रति लीटर


    (1498 cc)

    मैनुअल14.19 किमी प्रति लीटर

    रेनो डस्टर के बारे में अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न

    प्रश्न: डस्टर की ऑन-रोड प्राइस क्या है?

    डस्टर की दिल्ली में ऑन-रोड प्राइस ‎₹ 11.08 लाख ‎से शुरू होकर ‎₹ 16.58 लाख तक जाती है। ऑन रोड प्राइस एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस, आरटीओ पंजीकरण, रोड टैक्स और बीमा राशि से को मिलाकर तय की गई ​होती है।

    प्रश्न: डस्टर और किक्स में से कौन-सी कार बेहतर है?

    डस्टर की प्राइस ₹ 9.84 लाख एक्स-शोरूम से शुरू होती है और यह 1498 cc इंजन के साथ आती है। जबकि किक्स की प्राइस ₹ 9.50 लाख एक्स-शोरूम से शुरू होती है और यह 1498 cc इंजन के साथ आती है। आपके लिए सबसे अच्छी कार की पहचान करने के लिए तुलना दो मॉडल्स।

    प्रश्न: डस्टर टॉप मॉडल की प्राइस क्या है?

    डस्टर का टॉप मॉडल rxz 1.3 टर्बो पेट्रोल सीवीटी है और डस्टर rxz 1.3 टर्बो पेट्रोल सीवीटी की एक्स-शोरूम ₹ 14.25 लाख यह है।

    प्रश्न: रेनो डस्टर का माइलेज कितना है?

    रेनो डस्टर माइलेज 14.19 - 16.5 किमी प्रति लीटर है।

    रेनो डस्टर वीडियोज़

    रेनो डस्टर में इसकी विस्तृत समीक्षा, अच्छी बातें व और बेहतर हो सकती हैं, तुलना व वर्ज़न के बारे में, पहले ड्राइव का अनुभव, फ़ीचर्स, विशेषताओं, इंटीरियर व इक्सटीरियर और अन्य चीज़ों के लिए 2 वीडियो हैं।
    2020 Renault Duster Turbo Review | Turbocharged and Power Packed SUV in India | CarWale

    2020 Renault Duster Turbo Review | Turbocharged and Power Packed SUV in India | CarWale

    ByCarWale Team28 Sep 2020

    113896 बार देखा गया
    920 लाइक्स

    रेनो डस्टर के एक्स्पर्ट रिव्यूज़

    आगामी रेनो कार्स

    रेनो सिटी के-ज़ेडए

    रेनो सिटी के-ज़ेडए

    ₹ 5.00 - 6.00 लाखअनुमानित प्राइस

    Expected By - दिसंबर 2022 (Tentative)

    रेनो डस्टर के समाचार

    रेनो डस्टर यूज़र रिव्यूज़

    • Good car
      Overall it's a good car. It would have been great if it could give more mileage. In terms of comfort, I would really appreciate its front and back seats.
      पूरा पढ़ें
    • Duster Turbo cvt
      I purchased this car as pre-owned, just 3500 km run. I liked the engine refinement and power. Ride quality is much more than few 25 lakh cars. I got a mileage of 17 from Sirsi to Haveri without AC as it was cold weather. And from Haveri to...
      पूरा पढ़ें
    • Very bad service and bad management.
      Never buy Renault their service is very bad and very expensive. They charged you unnecessarily and very bad advisor. Poor service. Poor service advisor and bad behavior of service manager no respect for customers. We have to educate them.
      पूरा पढ़ें
    • Duster the Car you need
      Duster is a unique car which requires less love and yet gives more performance. Speed, fuel economy, comfortable leg room, good cabin space makes it ideal for family outing. Only drawback which I felt is it's Air Conditioning, it takes some time to...
      पूरा पढ़ें
    • The legend Duster
      Value for money. Very sturdy . Attractive. Very much comfort for long journey. The maintenance is also low. The servicing cost little bit more compared to other cars. Interior may be improved.
      पूरा पढ़ें

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