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THE BEAST ON THE ROAD - Mahindra Alturas G4 4WD AT [2018-2020] Review

A user review on महिंद्रा अल्टुरस जी4. Written by Angad on 29 December, 2019

प्राइज़: ₹ 28.73 - 31.73L
एक्स-शोरूम, नई दिल्ली
Angad's Ratings
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  • समस्त
  • दिखावट
  • परफ़ॉर्मेंस
  • रिक्ति/आराम
  • फ़्यूल इकोनॉमी
  • वैल्यू फ़ॉर मनी
वर्ज़न रिव्यू : 4WD AT [2018-2020]
ख़रीदारी : नई
परिचय : कुछ सौ किलोमीटर ‌

Full Review

Alturas G4 by Mahindra. Its a feature loaded car. Weldone by mahindra. The quality of the interior is excellent. You can't expect better than this.PROS- In Alturas G4 yo have 9 airbags, sunroof, ventilated seats, Napa leather upholstery, 360 camera, auto wipers and headlamps, automatic boot opening, cruise control, hid headlamps, led fog lamps with cornering light, front and back sensors n many more. CONS- no panoramic sunroof and less features in 2wd. Riding Experience is very nice. Though there is stiffness in the suspension but its required actually for off roading. Performance- It will give better mileage from there competitors. Maintenance- No worries as company is giving you AMC. You can take maintenance cover in a lesser cost. I have taken 4 year amc in Rs 26500/-. Its a hardcore SUV and you won't find any problem. One thing which mahindra have to improve is they have to create experts in there dealership who only sells alturas g4. Its a luxury car and you cannot sell it without the knowledge and experience. People who are selling alturas g4 they actually don't know the USPs of the car. Mahindra is offering buyback and amc as well which I don't think that people knew about it because of lack of knowledge in the dealers. Take quality people and give them the knowledge. Rest for the car, one word awesome.
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