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    टोयोटा फॉर्च्यूनर की तलाश में हैं? यहां फॉर्च्यूनर के देशभर के मालिकों के रिव्यूज़ और रेटिंग्स हैं।

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    सभी वर्ज़न्स
    ₹ 30,72,557
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    • 4.8इक्सटीरियर
    • 4.7आरामदेह
    • 4.7परफ़ॉर्मेंस
    • 4.2फ़्यूल इकॉनमी
    • 4.4पैसा वसूल

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    क्रमबद्ध करें :
    • सभी
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    क्रमबद्ध करें :
    • Nice and reliable car
      Make it bulletproof and many will buy more because this is the car many buy ans then make it bulletproof from outside dealers but if company does this then everybody will prefer this car
      पूरा पढ़ें
      8 दिन पहले | Ankur
    • India's most love suv
      This suv is so nice because of its interior and exteriors. It has luxury and I love that. It is the most loved suv of the world. The lights are so good and most of the people need this car.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      8 दिन पहले | Shivam rawat
    • Great workhorse, but horrendously expensive.
      The car is good, it's a bulletproof workhorse. Has ample punch, specifically after the facelift. The 200bhp and 500nm torque are a joy to drive with. The suspension is a little hard but that helps it, it's planted on highway runs. Great range as well. The fuel tank is big and overall the performance is adequate. The car lacks some finesse, feels a little cheap on the inside. Some plastic touch points are absolutely preposterous to touch. Previous models from Toyota be it Altis, Innova and Fortuner were much better in terms of perceived quality in terms with touch points. It has become freakishly expensive, and Toyota being a lazy car maker hasn't brought any global car from its portfolio after the Vellfire. Service and maintenance would be as usual a breeze, the car is bombproof vehicle and one can't go wrong if they use their cars in a rough manner.... Fortuner will take up any challenge.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      19 दिन पहले | Aayush Bhingare
    • Fortuner the beast
      Recently I bought Toyota Fortuner 4×2 automatic. It's a really very great SUV in India. The new revised engine is much more powerful than the previous one. With bs6 norms the engine has shown a great refinement. On high speed it has good stability plus I drove it maximum at 178km/h. I'm the end I'm a happy customer with no complaints. Thank God that I never purchased ford endeavor which has in reality a underpowered 2.0 litre engine.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      26 दिन पहले | Varun Vats
      i want to build cars that were not something to everyone but meant everything to someone --Toyota . No matter what your age or gender. A road trip interests all. Its never about the destination. Its the experience of the journey. which is Wow.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      28 दिन पहले | TUMMALA SAINATH REDDY
    • Toyota Fortuner is always king of road present and city, highway
      This car isn't my buying experience but drive experience everything's is absolutely very good performance, service and maintenance is super, pros and cons this car everything is very good but comfort isn't good, comfort just ok.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      1 महीने पहले | Mohasin Sk
    • Fortuner review
      Very fantastic, smooth, low noise, super ac, comfort seats, good steering, smooth clutch, nice reverse camera, automatically parking mode, everything is good.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 महीने पहले | Shaik Nazeer
    • Fortuner 4×4 automatic transmission
      Very good car value for money good mileage 12 to 13 km/l from automatic 4×4 cheap maintenance cost and good resale value service experience from Toyota is good when compared to other showroom.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 महीने पहले | Anish varghese
    • Superb eye catchy exterior Look...
      Its very Comfortable and Good enough for off-roading also.... Its too smooth and love to ride, it is to good. Everything is perfect..! Loaded with power and comfort Happy with the overall experience till now.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 महीने पहले | Gajanan Jagtap
    • Toyota Fortuner review
      It's a fully comfortable car and full space in the car . This car is perfect for long drive and it's also a family car but this prices are high.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 महीने पहले | Munfed
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