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    ₹ 4,12,131
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    • 4.4इक्सटीरियर
    • 4.3आरामदेह
    • 4.4परफ़ॉर्मेंस
    • 4.2फ़्यूल इकॉनमी
    • 4.5पैसा वसूल

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    क्रमबद्ध करें :
    • Excellent
      Good and comfortable car for the family. Good uses for big family. interior and exterior and colour are very good. Good car in minimum budget. Automatic system is very good. Milage is very good.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 साल पहले | Manoj kumar
    • Best car
      Simply and shortly amazing, no words to say as a budget car for a middle-class family, the car look as exterior and interior was awesome, the service or maintenance cost also low...simply budgeted car
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 साल पहले | Prabhakar k
    • Best car in best PRICE
      I never seen such a car like in this price it's really looks stylish with good performance and good driving experience. No more servicing and maintenance charge. Go and plus your relationship with Datsun Go plus.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 साल पहले | Kishan Meher
    • Datsun go+ test drive
      Experience excellence go+ and test drive with a powerful engine, less noise engine, more space, value for money, easily affordable, cheapest price in 7 seater SUV, looks Awesome, overall complete.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 साल पहले | Arpit Rathod
    • Mod ranger
      Fantablous car for starters in a very budget price Buying experience good Driving experience fantastic in highways Performance good in certain conditions for officials use Very less maintenance
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 साल पहले | Deepak G
    • Not the best but worth the money spent
      My buying experience was pretty smooth perhaps, Had bought it from Bbsr. A decent car to drive around in a city but misses the power punch on the highway. a pretty reasonably valued car but need more features too like a rear camera atleast and I am little concerned about the safety features too.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 साल पहले | Ashim mandal
    • Datsun +Go
      good drive okkk engine okkk interior not good mileage need to improve cheap plastics interior cool painting with shining coat i was driving this car in hills while driving it creates engine noise like..Scooter noise ...should avoid it...but ok for budget
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 साल पहले | karthik
    • Datsun go+
      This is not a good or bad car we can say OK for the money we give. Servicing cost only low and heavy maintenance is not there. The driving experience is medium. The air conditioner is not so good. Anyway, the car is ok for the money we spent
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 साल पहले | Shanil
    • Asw
      Car is really very nice full comfort nd noise of engine full paisa vasool car and t option is a very variant nd ac is cooling very fast last seat for baby and driver seat is asw......
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 साल पहले | Abhishek Dubey
    • Value for money
      Value for money and smoothly driving looking and performance is really a very good well-maintained car for this cast. Its a really amazing experience for this segment. Car was little but no issues for space.
      पूरा पढ़ें
      2 साल पहले | Ravi
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