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    Product Review - Kent CamEye - Introduction

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    Ninad Ambre


    What is it?

    Kent CamEye

    In this day and age, vehicle tracking devices, dashboard cameras and car security devices have become more of a necessity than just an accessory. Their popularity and demand is increasing by the day and more users have started using these. Now, what if you can find a single unit that does the job of all these devices together?

    Kent's CamEye is one such purpose-built device coupled with different on-board technologies. Apart from the usual tracking and recording of footage, it also streams the video in real-time to a smartphone. What's more, it gets dual cameras meaning view of everything inside and outside the car.

    Kent CamEye

    What's in the box?

    Kent CamEye

    The product has not been officially launched yet and so the final carton packaging isn't available as of now. But, the vital things you will find in the box include this main unit with two integrated cameras, a mount, a long USB cable and a kit to align the wire. The main device is equipped with 720p cameras with infra-red night vision. It gets a 3000mAh battery with fast charging, an in-built speaker and mic. Additionally, there's an accelerometer sensor, temperature sensor and even a light sensor. Kent is offering a pre-installed 4G SIM with 4G/3G connectivity, pricing of which will soon be officially announced.

    Kent CamEye

    How to install it?

    Kent CamEye

    Entire installation process is simple and doesn’t require any professional help. First step is to install Kent CamEye’s device on your smartphone and just follow the simple instructions by scanning the code from your device. Make sure the SIM card is inserted in the correct position as shown on the device. Once switched on, the device cannot be switched off until its battery is fully drained.

    Mounting the device in the car is as simple as installing any other mobile-holder. An appropriate spot would be the top centre of the car’s front windscreen. Just make sure the internal mirror doesn’t obstruct the camera’s field of view. Attach the suction mount that gets a sticky surface for ensuring tight contact with the windscreen. Then, loosen the plastic nut on the main device and push the ball section of the mount into the main unit. You can tighten the nut once you set the cameras, which also can be adjusted on the device.

    Kent CamEye

    Once this is done, just plug in the USB cable in and connect it to the 12V charger. The red LED will blink showing low battery and will turn green and blink when charging. On the move, the blinking stops with a solid green display indicating it’s recording the trip. If there’s no network it will turn blue. The long USB wire can be properly routed with the help of the kit.

    Kent CamEye

    What will it be used for?

    Kent CamEye

    The app’s interface is neat and simple to figure things through a summary of its location, network, temperature and its battery status. More details are available through four tabs in the device section – real time, live video, trips and analytics. This we will get into intricate details in the following report. By now, it is clear that the device will be able to track the vehicle, record footage and stream video in real time.

    Kent CamEye

    However, there’s much more to this. While time-lapsed video recording will be uploaded on a secure cloud storage, there’s also two-way calling that can be done. Then, there are different alerts to notify the app user about trip start, power plug out, low battery, over-speeding, geo-fencing, AC on in a parked car etc. Interestingly, the device smartly warns about a high noise in the car, if the camera is blacked out and even when it detects a different driver. Furthermore, a daily statistic report is also generated.

    Next update?

    The Kent CamEye is a simple device packed with complicated algorithms ensuring not just security of the car but the passengers too. We will be using this device for a prolonged period to get into the intricate details. This will give us a deeper insight into some of the most notable features of this device. Our next update will focus on how useful the device is, reasons why you should consider buying this, its pricing, availability and much more. Stay tuned.

    Click here to visit Kent CamEye's official website.

    Kent CamEye

    Pictures by Kaustubh Gandhi

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