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    Figo a underrated delight

    1 साल पहले | Mohammad Ibrahim Khan

    फोर्ड फिगो टाइटेनियम ब्लू 1.5 tdci पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    Yeah, once I test-drove the ford figo blu diesel. Before going for a test drive i read and watched reviews on youtube, but once driven the car I felt that all good reviews i heard about this car is on one step and the drive experience is on sky step. Wow!what a delight to drive this car.What ride I had with chilled Ac, which I didn't experience in any car. I enjoyed its build quality when opening and closing its doors. Its only car in this segment which offers 6 airbags. Look at this after knowing your car less than 10 lakh you owned had a 6 airbags i.e full safety for your entire family who is sitting in the car. That thought itself makes you happy every time. But, only one con I experience in this car is only that a rear seat comfort could be better with centre armrest and wide seat. This is not a big issue in India 95% people adjust at rear seats..service and maintenance are pocket friendly, fuel economy is also very impressive. I haven't bought it but if I plan to buy a car then I definitely go only with Figo. Ok then my final verdict is Just going to ford showroom and book figo blu diesel with your eyes closed, I promise that you won't disappoint for rest of your life.
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