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    Five SUVs for Santa this Xmas

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    Venkat Desirazu



    It is that time of the year again. Santa Clause is coming to town (fa la la la). It is the season of holidays, cool weather (Except for Australia) and gifts. We as car people like this time of the year as it gives us ample opportunity to imagine our dream garage/machines. This is with the hope that one day we would be able to fulfil that dream and as is the case with the annual dreaming process we eventually start to imagine alternate rides for Father Christmas. Since the vehicular flavour of 2016 is SUVs/crossovers, here is our list of five SUVs for Santa to use this holiday season. 

    Five SUVs

    Mahindra TUV300
    It is Mahindra’s rugged looking compact SUV which was launched last year and is offered with diesel power. What’s special about it? Well for starters, despite having compact proportions, the car fits all the SUV tags thanks to the high ground clearance, tall roof line and boxy silhouette. Why would we recommend it to Santa? Well for starters, it would be large enough for Father Christmas’ portly frame as well as his large sack of gifts. In addition, the TUV’s go anywhere ability means Santa will be deliver gifts be it on the terrible rural roads or equally terrible paver block tiled roads that are becoming increasingly popular in our cities.

    Hyundai Creta
    If the Mahindra TUV300 was all about Santa going anywhere, then Creta is all about Santa doing his urban deliveries in utmost comfort. He might have to leave a few gifts behind and squeeze into the seats but then it is a small price to pay for the luxury of delivering in style and comfort. Also since Hyundai introduced its Fluidic design philosophy, its cars have looked quite good and the Creta is nothing less making this an effective tool for Santa to promote himself as well as the car.

    Ford Endeavour
    Now this one requires a bit of imagination. Given the kind of things that Santa does (show up once a year, distribute gifts, and listen to kids while parents watch)….we could say that he does hold political aspirations. And nothing speaks and conveys politics like a large SUV and that is what the Endeavour is! Imagine Santa and Mrs Claus in their red Endeavour (being flanked by a convoy of elves probably in EcoSports or Figos) distributing gifts, listening to people, waving and making his secretary take down lists of good kids and bad kids. It sounds very unsubtle and very un-Santa like but then there is nothing subtle about the Endeavour either!

    Range Rover Evoque
    The concept of Santa has always been associated with history and tradition which is not a bad thing as keeping an eye on history has been the original way to shape the future. But what if you wanted to bring Santa into the modern age and no we are not talking about giving him a hipster makeover! Our idea is to put him into a modern and trendy vehicle to which the new millennials can relate to which in this case is a Range Rover Evoque. It’s the smallest crossover offered by the British automaker and fits very well with the image of a modern day Santa who will travel in style, comfort, carry minimalistic yet modern gifts and accept greetings from his well-wishers via text messages. If Santa is in a show-off mood, he could even use the convertible version to participate in Christmas parades.          

    Jeep Wrangler
     So far, we have been promoting vehicles for Santa to use to cater to modern buyers, millennials and even rural areas. But what if you live in a remote settlement/self-sustaining community that is a bit cut off from civilisation? Then the massive Jeep Wrangler is your go to machine. With a nearly 75 years of history in making pathways where none is possible, the Wrangler is Santa’s answer to the question “How will I deliver this gift to a place where I can’t land my reindeer and sleigh.” The other reason we would recommend the Wrangler to Santa is because at its very core is a Western heart which is where the story of the man in the red suit has originated from.  

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