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    Mini Cooper Convertible User Reviews

    Looking for Mini Cooper Convertible? Here are the reviews and ratings by Cooper Convertible owners from across the country.

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    • My dream car
      The car is too nice. I like to drive the car by opening the soft top sun room, we get more feel of driving. The performance is awesome. I don't know about the maintenance charge I don't have this car now. It's my dream car. We cant tell about the performance because it manufacture by BMW. We all know the performance of BMW cars so this car is also having good performance. I have no words to tell about this car. Its awesome . My Dream Car.
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      17 days ago | Tom
    • CarWale honest review.
      1. Buying Experience was good but there are many additional features that are not offered in India. 2. Riding is fun but it could have been better if there was fully automatic cruise control but the sound of exhaust is amazing. 3. It's like really good when roof closed but when open doesn't look that good from back side but front is amazing, about performance it consumes a lot of fuel it provides me a milage of 7-11 kms per litre and it can go to 5 or 6 also if driven fast. 4. Servicing cost is high and it's hard to maintain i cannot say that this car is very reliable and after 6 months of use is servicing cost me around 1.5 lakhs even if they said it free 5. Pros are that is fun to drive and sounds really good and if you want a convertible then it's the cheapest convertible available in India if looking for first hand experience. Cons are that fuel economy is not good and it's hard to maintain and cost a lot for servicing which is required regularly. Back seats are very uncomfortable and people with more height cannot sit in back and seats are very straight and not good for long journey. A normal Hyundai Verna or Creta has more features than this car.
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      9 months ago | Aman Chaudhary
    • Mini Cooper Car
      My experience is so amazing what a great car really I love it comfortable, sporty, look like a great....... I haven't worked for this car. I think you should buy this car. I am so happy...
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      10 months ago | Darji Krishna
    • Awesome
      The raiding is awesome and feel comfortable while I'm driving Winding a window down or a sunroof back will never compete with the feeling of driving around with the top down Retractable roofs. Gone are the days of jumping out of the old convertible to manually close the roof when the clouds decide to pour
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      11 months ago | Hemapraveen
    • My bossom friend
      Awesome and nice to drive. And comfortable for safety .it's my bosom friend, comfortable for riding all place. It's a rich and beautiful .l like it so much. I desire to buy a new product in the future. Its front grille is very nice and amazing. And interior futures and safety is very interesting
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      11 months ago | Ashiq Malik
    • Dreams of heaven driving
      Just feel the way its look... royal... Certainly, it's not cargo space nor rear-seat room. But, it's one of those cars that makes you feel good just by sliding behind its wheel. ... Sure, the 2019 Mini Cooper Convertible is a bit pricey, particularly for a car its size, but even the base Cooper Opens in New Window is a hoot to drive.
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      1 year ago | jai
    • Made like a gun
      Actually with think to buy this car but at last we buy it and the riding experience was very very nice and performance was just as what we expected and The retro design was very nice that we did it spit I don't know about the service and maintenance and pros and cons I don't know no sorry
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      1 year ago | Tharun
    • My dream car ??
      I love mini cooper in my dream has all the requirements which is required in a car. Mini cooper is better than the other car..I liked it because of its design.... I'm an a architecture student....I know about the design....the car design is accurate and also the design is good..... "Mini cooper it looks simple design but it is the nice design".
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      1 year ago | Ratan Magadum
    • It’s just amazing for a peaceful ride
      Good Awesome Looks are like sexy Performance crazy A bit expensive Pros good for its price Cons mileage will be decreased on upgrade of engine and exhaust pipes. But it will be only good when it’s upgraded and it’s acts like a mini sports car lovely and the sound it makes is like u will get orgasm
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      1 year ago | Sai kishan Varma Bhupathiraju
    • Magnificent , an eye candy with powerful performance !

      Its one of the most beautiful car u could ever buy which could fit in ur budget as well, comfortable for the busy streets as well, looks are marvellous, performance is great, rides like a smoothie, everything about it is just great except for the color options. Its not like a cherry infact it is the entire cake.

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      2 years ago | Divya Prajapati
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