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    Hyundai Verna Mileage

    Hyundai Verna mileage starts at 17.7 kmpl and goes up to 25 kmpl. The mileage of Petrol Verna ranges between 17.7 kmpl - 19.2 kmpl and the mileage of Diesel Verna ranges between 21.3 kmpl - 25 kmpl.
    Fuel TypeTransmissionARAI Mileage


    (1497 cc)

    Manual17.7 kmpl


    (1493 cc)

    Manual25 kmpl


    (1497 cc)

    Automatic (CVT)18.45 kmpl


    (1493 cc)

    Automatic (Torque Converter)21.3 kmpl


    (998 cc)

    Automatic (Dual Clutch)19.2 kmpl

    Verna Mileage (Version Wise Mileage)

    Verna VersionsARAI Mileage

    Verna E 1.5 VTVT

    1497 cc, Petrol, Manual, ₹ 9.20 Lakh
    17.7 kmpl

    Verna S Plus 1.5 VTVT

    1497 cc, Petrol, Manual, ₹ 9.60 Lakh
    17.7 kmpl

    Verna S Plus 1.5 CRDi

    1493 cc, Diesel, Manual, ₹ 10.81 Lakh
    25 kmpl

    Verna SX 1.5 VTVT

    1497 cc, Petrol, Manual, ₹ 10.98 Lakh
    17.7 kmpl

    Verna SX 1.5 VTVT IVT

    1497 cc, Petrol, Automatic (CVT), ₹ 12.20 Lakh
    18.45 kmpl

    Verna SX 1.5 CRDi

    1493 cc, Diesel, Manual, ₹ 12.21 Lakh
    25 kmpl

    Verna SX (O)1.5 VTVT

    1497 cc, Petrol, Manual, ₹ 12.85 Lakh
    17.7 kmpl

    Verna SX 1.5 CRDi AT

    1493 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter), ₹ 13.36 Lakh
    21.3 kmpl

    Verna SX (O) 1.5 VTVT IVT

    1497 cc, Petrol, Automatic (CVT), ₹ 14.10 Lakh
    18.45 kmpl

    Verna SX (O) 1.5 CRDi

    1493 cc, Diesel, Manual, ₹ 14.11 Lakh
    25 kmpl

    Verna SX (O) 1.0 Turbo DCT

    998 cc, Petrol, Automatic (Dual Clutch), ₹ 14.15 Lakh
    19.2 kmpl

    Verna SX (O) 1.5 CRDi AT

    1493 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter), ₹ 15.26 Lakh
    21.3 kmpl
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    Hyundai Verna Fuel Cost Calculator

    We help you calculate fuel expenses which you will incur by using Hyundai Verna. To check your monthly fuel expenses you just have to enter distance in kms you travel in a day and fuel price in your area. As per current inputs, monthly fuel cost for Verna with mileage of 17.7 kmpl is ₹ 2,570.

    Your monthly fuel cost for Hyundai Verna is:
    ₹ 2,570
    per month

    Mileage of Hyundai Verna Alternatives

    Honda All New City

    Honda All New City

    ₹ 11.02 Lakh
    Avg. Ex-Showroom price
    Show price in my city
    Mileage : 17.8 - 24.1 kmpl
    All New City Mileage
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    Mileage related Tips and Advices

    Mileage Reviews of Hyundai Verna

    • Mileage and comfort
      Buying experience was good with Hyundai but the overall ability of car can be improved, comfort levels and mileage is a major thing for me which I think it lacks they should enhance new features and functions of car also I think the price point of this car is little higher than it should be.
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    • Nice car with low mileage
      Bought a Verna SX 2019 model. Mileage comes around 8.5-9 kmpl. I was promised a 14-16 kmpl but it doesn't go beyond 10 kmpl. We had an accident where the car was flipped, thanks to the build quality where all the 4 passengers came out without even a single scratch
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    • 2018 Verna 1.6 SX(O) AT VTVT
      We purchased the car in 2018, in the SX(O) 1.6 AT spec with the torque converter automatic. Currently the odometer reads 35000 km's. The ownership experience in the last 3 years have been pleasant apart from a few incidents, one where both the headlamps started to develop condensation and after many emails and complaints they were replaced under warranty. The other time the steering reduction gear failed, the only symptom of this was a rattling sound this too was replaced under warranty. The driving experience is very good, the car has sorted highway manners and is extremely easy to drive. The NVH levels are stellar, and the car overall is very refined and silent even after 3 years. The torque converter box responds best to a light foot. If you drive it spiritedly you will have to modulate the throttle very carefully to control the gearbox as too much input will make the gearbox drop two gears instead of one, and then the engine becomes very vocal, in these situations its best to use the excellent manual mode. Unfortunately there are no paddle shifters, there is a tiptronic function on the gear lever. The mileage is expectedly poor for a petrol torque converter, it averages 9-10kpl in city driving and on the highway cruising it delivers anywhere from 14-16kpl. This car is prefect for long journeys the ergonomics are spot on, the ventilated seats are a boon in Indian weather. As far as features and infotainment go Apple Car Play and Android Auto are the best features, there is a button to invoke Sri/Google Assistant from the steering. Cruise control is a useful feature too it can help on ling empty stretches. Servicing and maintenance costs aren't too bad they are in line with what you would expect for a car of this segment. Coming to the cons, the sheet metal gets dings easily from stones etc., there are a few small depressions on my car even though it has never touched anything. The interior plastics are hard and scratchy. Paint quality isn't too great but apart from these small flaws its a great car to own. It has been a pleasant experience so far. I would recommend getting the extended warranty for 5 years as there are a lot of electronics and everything is eye wateringly expensive ( a pair of projector headlamps cost 60k+).
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    • The best or nothing
      Its a package of car that I need good car with safety with linear performance and good mileage and it has good service cost I say others to buy Verna and thanks carwale to suggest the car in comparison hats off to for the suggestion.
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    • Gear box is awesome and the pickup is amazing .
      Talking about the advantages of this car. 1: It is stylish and luxurious. 2: It handles well at corners . 3 : Decent size ground clearance. 4: Stable at high speed . 5: Good pickup . 6: Better than Honda city in terms of comfort 7: Spacious than previous models. 8: Packed with lots of cool features Now the disadvantages 1:Mileage is bit low. 2: At lower speed suspension is on stiffer side . 3: Head room at back is not that good . 4: Under thigh support at rear is poor. Service and maintenance is not too high .But parts are expensive.
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    Mileage FAQs on Hyundai Verna

    Q: What is the average of Hyundai Verna?

    The ARAI mileage of Hyundai Verna is 17.7-25 kmpl

    Q: How can I get the best mileage from Hyundai Verna?

    Extracting the best fuel economy involves practicing various techniques like judiciously modulating the throttle, limiting excessive gearshifts and turning-off the engine while you are idling in traffic. For detailed info on how to efficiently drive a car, click here for Manual, Automatic, CVT.

    Q: What is the monthly fuel cost for Hyundai Verna?

    Assuming fuel price Rs. 80 per liter and an average of 100 km/ month, the monthly fuel cost for Hyundai Verna can range from Rs. 451.98 to 320.00 per month. You can check your fuel cost for Hyundai Verna here.