Maruti Suzuki Ertiga vs Mahindra Marazzo: Interior Dimensions Compared

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    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Exterior

    In the affordable MPV segment, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga has been the undisputed choice since its introduction in India. Now, with its second-generation, the Ertiga has not only grown in size, but has also become much more handsome, both inside and out. However, Mahindra spruced up this segment with the Marazzo, which also offers a three-row configuration in a practical yet spacious cabin. So which of the two MPVs offer more cabin space, and which one should you consider if interior space is your top priority, let’s find out.

    Front Row

    In terms of exterior dimension, the Marazzo is slightly bigger in all aspects (4585x1866x1774mm compared to Ertiga’s 4395x1735x1690mm). However, the Ertiga manages to offer more headroom – 60mm more – than the Marazzo.


    Both the MPVs offer decent quality of materials, however, the Marazzo feels slightly better with its well laid-out dashboard and materials used. The large steering wheel lend a large car feel to the Marazzo. And unlike the Ertiga where things fall within an arm's reach, one needs to stretch the arm out in the Marazzo. The large seats in both the cars offer good support, but the Marazzo’s leather upholstery make it feel more upmarket than the Ertiga's fabric ones. Overall, both the MPVs score well on the practicality factor with ample storage spaces all around.

    Front CabinMahindra MarazzoMaruti Suzuki Ertiga
    Shoulder room1460mm1310mm
    Backrest height620mm620mm

    Rear Space

    Moving on to the second row, the Marazzo continues to offer more space, thanks to its longer wheelbase. But the scooped roof of the Ertiga manages to offer more headspace than what you get in the air-con mounted roof of the Marazzo. Also, it must be noted that the Ertiga is sold only with a bench-type seat in the second row. So if you want captain seating in the middle, you’d either have to get the Marazzo or opt for the XL6 from Nexa.


    Getting in and out from both vehicles is easy, but the Ertiga has a lower ingress. Even the under-thigh support of the Ertiga is better since the bench is a tad longer, but the tall backrest in Marazzo’s captain seats are much better and very supportive. The use of light coloured material adds to the sense of space as well. However, we think the Marazzo is the winner here simply because it is more spacious.

    RearMahindra MarazzoMaruti Suzuki Ertiga
    Ideal legroom840mm830mm
    Shoulder room1460mm1300mm
    Seat base length490mm520mm
    Backrest height630mm560mm

    Third Row

    Getting to the third row is a bit of a task in both the cars. However, once seated, the Marazzo feels wider and more spacious than the Ertiga which seems barely enough to seat two. Both these cars get AC vents for the third row and 12V power supply as well.


    In terms of cargo volume, the Ertiga offers 209 litres of space with all the seats up which is more than the Marazzo's 190 litres. But again, with the seats folded, the Marazzo offers overall 1,055 litres than the Ertiga's 803 litres.

    BootMahindra MarazzoMaruti Suzuki Ertiga
    Loading lip height720mm720mm



    So there you have it, both the MPVs tick all the right boxes expected from a family-MPV. Of the two, the Marazzo is more spacious but it's also more expensive. On the other hand, although it is slightly low on the equipment and measures a tad less in comparison, the Ertiga is still a well-packaged car with little to quibble about. So if you’ve got the budget, the Marazzo makes for a good buy, otherwise, the Ertiga is a no-brainer.


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    Pictures by Kapil Angane

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