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    First of all, I bought this car in 2019 Jan and drove close to 35000 km till date. It is a mindboggling crossover machine that can beat its competitor which is 2-3 lakhs ahead of it. I did multiple trips of 1500-2000 kms at once and never actually saw a single issue while driving this beast. Recently I have done Ghaziabad-Spiti-Chandrataal and returned back via Leh-Manali terrain. Now imagine, Leh-Manali (27 major water crossings)terrain in the rainy season ;) but it made it all. The torque generation feels like throwing petrol in the fire. Now the moment of truth. If you are a true lover of something, you must be an honest critic as well. Although this car has amazing capability, the fuel economy will scare the shit out of you as the price is skyrocketing. Whatever the company says, it won't give you less than 10.5 kmpl and more than 12 Kmpl (if you are lucky). No matter where you are driving, City or Highway. Tthe total average will be 11.5 max. In a nutshell, this cost you 9000 rupees/km which is quite high. Boot space is not really my problem. This has enough space to keep my things of atleast 4 men (You know why i didn't mention women ;) I also bought a separate luggage carrier in case the additional space is required. Furthermore, Now a major issue I faced(I'm not sure if it happens with any other freestyle user). I sometimes feel a sudden sensor malfunctioning, that i faced atleast 5 times especially in the long trips. Car shows every bit of lights available on a odometer and steering looses its power, brake gets harder to press, and at the end, car turns into old school tractor all of sudden. I never found a similar video on Youtube, asked for help from ford but they end up updating their software but the problem persisted. One day my friend got a similar article on web, where it was recommended to keep rear parking sensors clean while heading on a long trip. I generally do off-roading and the layer of dust stuck on the rear parking sensor that ultimately hampers the internal sensor integration(I believe). This leads to the overall machine malfunctioning. Now I keep those sensor clean alteast once while departure and again on return. Everything is going fine after that weird solution. it's been a year and no similar issue is found again. Overall this machine is great!
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