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    Ultimate Performer Ford Aspire Titanium TDCI Opt

    1 साल पहले | Sasidhar Amilineni

    फोर्ड एस्पायर टाइटेनियम1.5 tdci पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    I was following this car since it launched in 2015 and was the only car to give 6 airbags in India at that time in this segment. When I decided to buy a new car in 2018, the premium hatchback was my first thought and test-driven i20(Which I loved a lot but rejected because of boot space), Jazz, Etios Liva. Afterwards, I was inclined to buy a compact sedan which will satisfy my need for boot space and started my research again in this segment. Options available were Amaze, New Dzire, Aspire, VW Ameo and Zest. Amaze and Zest I dropped as they were outdated and dropped Dzire because of the low build quality and VW Ameo has features but lack in comfort so rejected it. And finally was left with Aspire and though aware of the facelift in another 3 months time I thought to go with this car and till date I don't have any regrets on my choice. Buying Experience: I bought my Aspire at JSP Ford JP Nagar and it was a good experience and the salesperson explained all the features in detail and compared with the competitors. 4/5 Driving Experience: I basically love driving and love better driving experience than Mileage so I love my car because of its Punchy Engine and reaches great speeds with low rev. 5/5 Mileage: My odo shows average mileage of 18.2 which includes 30% of my ride in City and 70% on highways. But overall I can say that when i tested with a full tank to the full tank I can say it gives highway mileage of 20(with 5 passengers) and 14 Kmpl in the city with 2+ Passengers. 4/5 Service and Maintenace: I service my car at Ford Service centre only and it costs on average Rs: 6500 per 10000 Kms. It may be 1K higher than Dzire but the performance is worth of it. 4/5 Pros: 1) Great ride quality at high speeds and I have touched 170 speed with 5 people on board and without revving hard. 2) Good interior quality, 6 airbags and music system. 3) In 2018 version we don't get parking sensors and camera in top-end trim also so I have fitted that in Ford Showroom for 6K and till date they are working superbly. Cons: 1) Insulation would have been better and after 30K Kms now tyre noise on rough patches and on White topping roads are creeping into the cabin. 2) In the middle row, the bump is too high which will cause inconvenience to the middle passenger.
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