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    A Paisa Wasool Car

    1 साल पहले | Naaz Sheikh

    फोर्ड एस्पायर ट्रेंड 1.5 tdci [2018-2020] पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    The overall buying experience is quite satisfying as dealer behaviour is good enough. The main thing is its driving experience when you drive in highways and then you realize its power and performance. The car gives thrust like a jet engine when it reaches 2000 rpm.i drove the car for few hundred kilometres to thousand kilometres constantly but never feel exhausted. The handling and balance are quite good in this car that gives you a lot of confidence on the road. I made a lot of racing with Verna, I20, Tigor etc and aspire left these toys far behind in the initial race. The looks of the car are ok not eye-catching and excellent you can see the cost-cutting everywhere in the car. The performance is amazing it is fun to drive a car. Power to delivery ratio is good. This car is maintenance-free when compares to another car in this category and service cost is as low as 2000 rs. Pros-Good drive car, high power, the engine is responsive, fit for the city as well as village life, good comfort, ac is chilling in hot days. Cons- Not comfortable for 5 people at a time, the rear row has less space, no door pockets in rear seats, tyres are smalls it should be 16 inches at least, Headlamp light is not flashy, the rear headrest is not ergonomically good, no boot opening handle.
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