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    Simply Ford- Own it to Know it

    2 साल पहले | Divye Aggarwal

    फोर्ड एस्पायर टाइटेनियम1.5 tdci [2018-2020] पर यूज़र रिव्यू

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    After 6 months of research, after test driving all the cars in its segment from premium hatchback to compact sedans, this was the last car I test drove. Guess what, finally my search was over. The moment I pressed the accelerator pedal, a voice came from heart and mind - This Is It. It has so much power that it pulls even without pressing accelerator. I have extracted a consistent mileage of 22-23kmpl. Worst I got was 18 when my driving was purely in city. Average Service cost comes at around 3800-5200 (lowest and Highest). I have clocked 1.1lakh kms with just one set of brake pads changed. Concerns- Front seats are not comfortable for long trips. However, I have done 480kms at a stretch in one day but comfort is on the poor side. After owning this car, I figured that a car seat can be uncomfortable too. This is btw 4th car of our family since 1995. First set of tyres came as MRF which wore out in 15k kms. On asking ford said, there is problem with stock tyres, so they changed it to Apollo 4g life. From that day, no tyre change done till now. One more point - Boot space looks big but due to hinges, not much of space can be utilised. Overall, it is much better than dzire or amaze after which people run blindly. Quality over is better in Ford, I have checked all. It feels premium. Service cost is lowest in the segment. On the road it runs like a smooth premium sedan, doesnt feel light weighted, has good cornering stability. I feel it is a complete package. It is second ford in my family after Ecosport. Hope I have covered all aspects. If there are any queries, please feel free to ask.
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