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    A True Performance Car From BMW

    1 year ago | Baibhab Mondal

    User Review on BMW 3 Series

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    BUYING EXPERIENCE: The buying experience of my dream BMW was quite good. Though the delivery was a bit delayed due to the pandemic, I think it was worth waiting for it. DRIVING EXPERIENCE: My driving experience with the BMW's 3L, 6 cylinder engine churning out 382 horse power and 500 Newton meters of torque has been super amazing. The way it revs up to such a high RPM and still provides so much performance is just bonkers. Though I'm not a professional driver, I would still like to drift this car some day. LOOKS: The car looks pretty awesome and sporty from the exterior. But, if you're looking for high end luxury in the interiors too, this isn't in the car. I think that Mercedes' cars are much more luxurious and have quite awesome interior design. This BMW car has mainly just focused on the performance part. At this price, you would definitely expect a bit more luxury. PERFORMANCE: I have always been a BMW fan boy and the way they drive, justifies my craze and love for one. I don't think there is any other car that offers so much performance at this price in India. Moreover, it's MADE IN INDIA, which explain slightly lesser price than it's competitors. It's gearbox is super refined and the steering is also perfectly balanced at all speeds. COMFORT: The BMW M340i is comfortable enough. But I think it had to exchange some of it's comfort offerings with the performance. The suspension is a bit stiff and you might feel the potholes on the road quite easily. SERVICING AND MAINTENANCE: I've heard that BMW cars are quite expensive to maintain. Well, I have not faced any issue with it's usage so far and it didn't give me the trouble of taking it to a garage for any fixes. I think if periodic servicing is done in the car, maintenance won't be much of a headache. PROS: 1. The car is absolutely phenomenal in terms of performance. 2. The car looks very sporty and grabs quite some attention on the street. 3. The price of the car is not that high when speaking of the performance and specs it has to offer. 4. The music system offered in the car is quite loud and awesome. 5. The car has some features which are really cool according to me. CONS: 1. At this price, the car could have offered a bit more luxurious interior. 2. The ride in the car is a bit bumpy sometimes due to the bad roads and a slightly stiff suspension. FINAL VERDICT: If you are some car enthusiast with the thirst of performance and have a generous budget, go right ahead and buy it. But if comfort, luxury and a bit flashy nature is your main motive for buying a car, then you might end up buying a Mercedes' car, though, you still can consider buying this car. I would absolutely recommend buying this car.
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