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    Jaguar XF User Reviews

    Looking for Jaguar XF? Here are the reviews and ratings by XF owners from across the country.

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    • A true Jaguar
      It's a piece of art. I enjoy driving the car. Everything is top-notch, the quantity, engine, performance, handling, seating comfort and styling. It's a true car for luxury car lovers.
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      3 days ago | G c rahul
    • Experience
      Awesome experience! It's driving like a speed of air. And interior like a heaven. A nice experience can be taken. It's run like a tiger and it's starting voice like lions crowd. Eyes was stop to see and feel like a king inside it
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      4 months ago | Mayank
    • Jaguar it's not a car it's a real wild animal
      It's my dream car after long year i get this car i really exited. Riding experience is awesome my dream car performance is very well and luxury comfort is very very awesome. Look like a really jaguar and other cars don't give this car look and performance is awesome you push the accelerator car heart beat is raising there and all our heart beat all so. Service maintenance is little bid expense this is expensive car any way service cost is little bid expensive. Pros: car look,performance, Cons:maintenance cost
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      1 year ago | Suresh
    • Once you drive it , you'll experience that you were driving a Truck rather.
      It happened abruptly. Since long our family was looking for a Luxury. Most of the time we thought about Audi - BMW or Mercedes. Fortunately, we found it in our town itself and that too previous owner is known to us since many years. Before driving this one Jaguar XF the cars I owned or drove, I could say I was driving a Truck. Head Turner. Superb performance. Sound system like a theatre. Comfortable gadgets.
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      1 year ago | Dhruv Gaikwad
    • Exhilaration has a new name
      I was looking to buy my first luxury car and considered the obvious German manufacturers, Mercedes Benz E Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. While all these are very competent cars with their own strengths, it was the Jaguar XF that caught my eye and I ended up buying it. Firstly on sheer looks the Jaguar XF is in a different league - quite distinctive and looks quite like the cat it is named after. On performance, it is nothing short of exhilarating. One tap in the Sports mode and the car lunges forward with a speed that is unmatched by the Germans. On interiors, it is tasteful - not quite as overdone like the Mercedes or very staid like the BMW. On drivability, the car feels quite at ease in the city as on the highways. I think the Jaguar XF is very underrated in the luxury segment and something that more car aficionados should consider.
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      2 years ago | Just For Kicks
    • Jaguar XF best looking most underrated Mid Size luxury sedan

      The Jaguar XF is the most underrated mid/Large size luxury sedan out there. Overshadowed by the fanbase built by three Germans in its class ie. E Class, 5 series and the Audi A6 its is fantastic in its own right. Looking at the four cars side by side from the outside and the XF makes the others looking quite ugly. I don't like the exterior of either of the three Germans. The handling and driving dynamics are up there with the 5 series and the rear seat leg room is up there with the best. A lot has been said about the interiors not being as flamboyant as the E class or even the Volvo but I find it really tastefully done and understated, the E class is overdone imo and although its packed with tech it looks straight out of the liberace house.

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      2 years ago | Andy Tripathi
    • Smooth luxury drive

      Pros; Jaguar is a brand that feels superb for its luxury and many of the people's on road will be on Jaguar. It goes on very smooth perfect one to enjoy the luxury which gives a striking performance. Cons; Indian roads are not suitable for that type of performance. The car looks great and undefined feeling.

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      2 years ago | Sukesh
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