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    BMW 6 Series GT User Reviews

    Looking for BMW 6 Series GT? Here are the reviews and ratings by 6 Series GT owners from across the country.

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    ₹ 65,87,241
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    • Luxury King size with ultimate driving pleasure
      The buying experience was excellent. I purchased it from KUN in Chennai. Everything went smoothly as committed prior to sale. It is an excellent car. I like the looks. It oozes quality. The petrol engine is butter smooth & you can barely hear the engine inside the car. You press the accelerator & it just zooms. Good NVH, you barely hear the noise outside. Steering is light & you will never feel like driving a car of this size. Air suspension is top-notch & you hardly feel the road surface. It is spacious, luxurious, fun to drive. My best BMW. Thanks, BMW for making a great car.
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      2 months ago | Chandrashekar V
    • 630d GT M Sports - Beast
      The Car was delivered right at our doorstep and got an m badged headphones as a freebie as well. The car is a monster on roads and hits triple-digit speeds with absolute ease, can nip in an out of traffic without any fuss. The car does not feel large at all once we get behind the wheel. The most surprising fact is that even though the ground clearance is low on paper, it did not scrape the underbelly even once during my 25K with the car. The car is an absolute mile muncher and is without any doubt the best in class in terms of quality, features, comfort and performance. Pros: 1) Powertrain 30d is an absolute monster on the highway. 2) Adaptive dampers , comfortable in adaptive mode and sporty in sport plus mode. 3) Mocha leather seat and quality of interiors 4) Decent fuel economy (9kmpl to 13kmpl) depending on how we drive for a 3L 6 Cylinder Diesel. 5) Gargantuan Boot (Spare wheel not required as it has run-flats) 6) Adaptive LEDs that turn based on steering input 7) Acres of space inside the car. Cons: 1) No cooled seats ( am nitpicking). 2) Limited use of digital instrumentation cluster trying to mimic analogue functions using digital screens ( They offer full digital instrument cluster for BS6 cars though, still nitpicking) Overall its an amazing car and a no brainer among the 90 lakh OTR cars. Just go for it. Space, Performance and Satisfaction. :)
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      2 months ago | Ashu Delgo
    • The beast killer
      6 series gt is a sign of luxury and sport. This car has just killed a market . Best car in segment pour with powered engine , luxury comfort and proper badge of sport . It's a car with a great symbol Sportiness too. Gt models by bmw are powered with luxury and sport . 6 series gt is a best vehicle in its segment . With great power and gt sign along with a luxury makes it a complete a next level package.
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      3 months ago | Rudransh Sharma
    • mind blowing car
      this car is very good comfortable and I drove that car and this Car is very smooth this Car white colour is may forget colour and these cars sun windows is very beautiful I love BMW
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      4 months ago | naresh
    • Amazing
      Most good sedan to buy in 60 lakh budget. It is a wonderful care I have ever experienced.I have no words for it.the car has unlimited features it is the astonishing sedan launched to rival e-class. Except for the rear seat in comparison with e-class, it is the best.
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      5 months ago | Khushkarman Singh
    • Luxar monster
      Mind bobbling ,its a very costly,expensive and gives a felling of proud to be a owner of a bmw car .whenever i takes it out from parking on runs on the road everyone just starts to stare at bmw. All amenities of bmw are superb
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      1 year ago | Harshavardhan
    • Positive
      I just purchased vehicle BMW 6GT . Great buying experience. Great car with rare feature. Awesome Riding experience and very comfortable riding. I travel Ranchi to Punjab was great riding experience and performance was awesome
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      1 year ago | Jeet
    • Beast car
      It is a very good car but the only issue is that in the rear seat the middle passenger does not have the sufficent leg space due the transmissiin tunnel hump Its a rear wheel drvie car but some how the bmw has to offer flat floor pannel then it will be a next level car sale will boom
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      1 year ago | Chirag kotak
    • Over all it’s a good car

      Buying experience: Good.
      Riding experience: Good 
      Details about looks, performance etc: Excellent performance.
      Servicing and maintenance: Good.
      Pros and Cons: We can’t move the car using the key.

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      1 year ago | Sachi K
    • The 6/5 car 6 series gt m sport
      It's a beautiful car when u look at it from the outside. The tail lights,the carpet lighting, the adaptive headlights and the 19 inch wheels are my favourite specs about the exterior look of the car. The engine is very quite yet powerful as expected from bmw. The 3 litre 6 cylender inline producing 620nm and 265bhp is something to look out for. The driving pleasure is indescribable. The interior is best in class with most of it bathed in leather. The heads up display ,soft close doors and lumbar support function is only available in the m sport function. The only con what I found is that it's not an AWD, but, it's definitely not something to damn upon instead the pros such as four zone a.c. adjustable back seats is something to cherish on this car.
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      2 years ago | Aneesh govind v
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