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    Mileage of Hyundai Santro

    Hyundai Santro mileage starts at 20 kmpl and goes up to 30 km/kg. The mileage of Petrol Santro is 20 kmpl.
    Fuel TypeTransmissionARAI Mileage


    (1086 cc)

    Manual30 km/kg


    (1086 cc)

    AMT20 kmpl


    (1086 cc)

    Manual20 kmpl

    Santro Mileage (Variant Wise)

    Santro VariantsARAI Mileage

    Santro Era Executive

    1086 cc, Petrol, Manual, ₹ 4.64 Lakh
    20 kmpl

    Santro Magna

    1086 cc, Petrol, Manual, ₹ 5.10 Lakh
    20 kmpl

    Santro Magna Corporate Edition

    1086 cc, Petrol, Manual, ₹ 5.24 Lakh
    20 kmpl

    Santro Sportz

    1086 cc, Petrol, Manual, ₹ 5.47 Lakh
    20 kmpl

    Santro Magna AMT

    1086 cc, Petrol, AMT, ₹ 5.59 Lakh
    20 kmpl

    Santro Magna AMT Corporate Edition

    1086 cc, Petrol, AMT, ₹ 5.73 Lakh
    20 kmpl

    Santro Asta

    1086 cc, Petrol, Manual, ₹ 5.85 Lakh
    20 kmpl

    Santro Magna CNG

    1086 cc, CNG, Manual, ₹ 5.87 Lakh
    30 km/kg

    Santro Sportz AMT

    1086 cc, Petrol, AMT, ₹ 5.99 Lakh
    20 kmpl

    Santro Sportz CNG

    1086 cc, CNG, Manual, ₹ 6.01 Lakh
    30 km/kg

    Santro Asta AMT

    1086 cc, Petrol, AMT, ₹ 6.32 Lakh
    20 kmpl
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    Fuel Cost Calculator

    We help you calculate fuel expenses which you will incur by using Hyundai Santro. To check your monthly fuel expenses you just have to enter distance in kms you travel in a day and fuel price in your area.

    Your Monthly Fuel Cost is
    ₹ 1,975
    per month

    Mileage FAQs on Hyundai Santro

    Q: What is the average of Hyundai Santro?
    The ARAI mileage of Hyundai Santro is (20-30) kmpl

    Q: How can I get the best mileage from Hyundai Santro?
    Extracting the best fuel economy involves practicing various techniques like judiciously modulating the throttle, limiting excessive gearshifts and turning-off the engine while you are idling in traffic. For detailed info on how to efficiently drive a car, click here for Manual, Automatic, CVT.

    Q: What is the monthly fuel cost for Hyundai Santro?
    Assuming fuel price Rs. 80 per liter and an average of 100 km/ month, the monthly fuel cost for Hyundai Santro can range from Rs. 400.00 to 266.67 per month. You can check your fuel cost for Hyundai Santro here.

    Mileage of Hyundai Santro Alternatives

    Maruti Suzuki Celerio

    Maruti Suzuki Celerio

    ₹ 4.46 Lakh
    Avg. Ex-Showroom price
    Show price in my city
    Mileage : 21.63 - 31.79 kmpl
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    Mileage related Tips and Advices

    Mileage Reviews of Hyundai Santro

    • SANTRO a true family car..not for enthusiastic drivers
      This is my 1st Car, the buying experience is good, Hyundai is best at dealing customer to best satisfying levels...This car is best suited to family and to cool minded persons.. Torque is good enough to drive in the city, especially in 3rd gear.. in highways you need to plan while overtaking .. downshift to 3rd and if you rev below 2000 rpm...Post-2000 rpm it pulls like a charm... Your driving habits give decent mileage on highways ..Keep it on 2000 rpm- 80 to 90 speed with AC on i got 20kmpl.In the city, I got 12 to 15 according to the traffic condition with AC on. Looks are perspective..It's ok to me.. in my view front grill is too wide and fog lamps placement I didn't like... Pros: Good enough space,class-leading interior and touch screen and audio quality, rear AC vents etc... Quality of plastics and a 4 cylinder refined engine Cons: only one Airbag in sportz Not even as optional... And speed sensing door lock and impact sensing door unlock missing on BS4 variant.. though rear parking sensors too missing but I got rear camera installed by showroom end as an offer Though the car is powered by 1086 cc ..It is tuned like 999 cc Engine
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    • My Santro Magna BS 6 2020 Experiences
      1. The buying experience was fine at it was home delivered and all the documentations were done in my home. 2. Very good for a hatchback. Interiors are premium. Rear AC vent is a noticeable addition. Pick up is very good. 3. The appearance is like the i10. Engine is refined, noise is not disturbing. Good for both city rides and long drive in the highway. Mileage is good, varies from 15 to 18 in my car. And the cabin is spacious, headroom is good as it is a tall boy hatchback. Boot space is fine but is high a little, so difficult to pull in heavy luggage. 4. 3yrs/1 lac km is a superb offer to have in this segment. 5. All of the above are pros, only thing that I disliked is Hyundai have provided only one airbag in this car and it could have been avoided.
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    • Some hits, some miss.
      I have bought Sports AMT version when it was initially launched. Pros: 1. The car looks good. (will be different with a different person) 2. AMT is such a relief to drive in city traffic. It is very relaxing and enjoyable to ride the AMT. Initial pickup is not sharp. But very pleasant riding experience. A slight jerk in shifting initial gears, but gets adjusted after some time. 3. Interior is good. 4. The sound system is good. 5. Steering is very light and feels good in city drive. 6. Noise cancellation is good inside the cabin. Cons: 1. Mileage is very average. I got 9.5kmpl to 11kmpl only during heavy traffic drive over a course of 3 months(with ac on). Lesser traffic (with ac on) brings the kmpl to 13.2 (after 2nd servicing). Free Highways gave 16.4kmpl. So milage is a big turn down i must say. 2. While driving uphill, it gives u zero confidence. Not good, as the engine lacks some basic power. I once found myself in trouble when i was going up a 60 degree steep uphill and there was a slight hole and the car was struggling to cross over the hole. Was on the manual mode. Still need a lot to learn this manual mode, but trust me, it gave my confidence a push down. 3. Pickup and overall engine lack power. 4. Sports AmT cost a bit more than asta manual, but still lacks some function in terms of rear sensor and camera. Plus the logo of Hyundai in the steering is just plain plastic. Very bad and cheap. 5. Boot space is low. Overall review: AMT is good for city drive. It really is enjoying it. And the gear shift n all is smooth. But mileage not so good. If u r looking for Amt, then its good. If manual, then grand i10 with its heavy discount is way better.
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    • Budget family car
      3. I have a Sportz model..Its wonderful budget family car.engine is more smooth compare to others like tiago.wagonr.celerio.mileage is so good ebg.21kmpl.The audio system creates the trip so enjoy full. its boot space is sufficient for a little happy family..Ground clearance 165mm..its make a happy journey in the village or bad condition road..
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    • Fine
      beast car for Small family And low budget. And all colour r very fine ..... Selling price is also fine... So no problems at selling time... And mileage in CNG is really un bi-lingual.
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