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How to Save Fuel

CarWale Team , 04-Oct-2013

Car Tips

Fuel prices these days are more unstable and even more precious than gold’s. However, despite the sky-rocketing prices your cars definitely need their share of the liquid gold. The best way to get the optimum efficiency from the car is to maintain it well, both cosmetically and mechanically. We, here at CarWale, would like to give you some tips to help you in the noble cause.

1. Check the engine oil regularly and change the engine oil, transmission oil, power steering oil etc. Good quality oil running in your engine keeps it going smooth thus reducing friction and minimising efficiency losses.

2. Get your engine tuned at every service and get it retuned if you feel there is a drop in the efficiency. An out of tune engine can drink up about 50 per cent more fuel!

3. The spark plugs tell you how your engine has been running. If the plugs are clean, your engine is running optimum. If they are black, you need to adjust the plug gap as the fuel is not burning properly. If it is brown, it’s time to replace the plugs and check the engine tuning.

4. Check the tyre pressure regularly. Under inflated tyres use up almost five per cent more fuel. Carry out thetyre rotation as per the manufacturer instructions, it will help you evenly distribute the rolling resistance.

5. Clean the car daily. It keeps the extra aerodynamic drag in check.

6. Do not accelerate your car before switching it off – you tend to do more harm than good in these modern engines.

7. Many may think it convenient but make it a habit not to rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving. A slightly depressed clutch pedal wears out your clutch faster and also reduces its efficiency.

8. If you are at the signal or are going to be stopping for more than 30 seconds, make it a point to switch off the engine right away. It can help you save fuel up to 10 per cent in bumper to bumper traffic.

9. We understand it’s hot but as far as possible, do not use the air-conditioner at lower speeds. It uses much of the engine power and hence consumes a lot more fuel. At higher speeds, rolling up the windows also reduces the aero drag.

10. Tank up early in the morning. Due to lower temperatures, you can actually get more bang for your bucks.

11. Drive the car in an easy manner. Shift the gears when needed. Do not rev too much in a gear or drive at low speeds in a higher gear. For the enthusiasts, maintaining a range of 1,500rpm to 2,200rpm gives you the optimum overall economy without compromising much on your speed or the fun of the drive.

12. Like in life, plan ahead while driving as well. If you are approaching a speed breaker or a signal or a toll-booth, it is better to lift-off early and coast to the spot rather than going in till the end on power and then braking heavily. You should use brakes as less possible and also minimise the gear shifts by planning your overtaking maneouvers on the road. You should be able to glide your way through the drive than muscle it and your car will give the best economy figures it can.

13. At three figures on your speedometer, the aerodynamic drag is almost twice as much as at two figures and so your car will need to burn a lot more fuel for you even to maintain speed. Hence, keep the speedometer in check. Also, there are better chances of you surviving a crash at sub three figure speeds.

We are pretty sure that if you follow these little tips, in the long run, you might find your car performing way more than usual. Try it and let us know the difference.


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