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    Mercedes-Benz C-Class User Reviews

    Looking for Mercedes-Benz C-Class? Here are the reviews and ratings by C-Class owners from across the country.

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    ₹ 49,99,330
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    • Mercedes experience
      Brilliant buying experience I got from the showroom with very good support thank you Mercedes Benz I do not have words very good, awesome, lovely car.
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      3 months ago | MOHAMMED FAHREED
    • Mercedes-Benz C-Class Review
      Purchasing experience was very poor and the car had less features than expected . My experience is not good with this car except the engine. The engine is very smooth and powerful. But interior and exterior also matters when someone is investing that much money expecting it to be a beast , not a lizard .
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      5 months ago | Prithu
    • Keshav green city
      The buying experience is good, the driving experience is excellent, looking very nice, servicing and maintenance experience is very bad, overall good car resale value is poor.
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      7 months ago | Mukesh Agarwal
    • Mercedes c class 220 d review
      It is value for money coz it offers fantastic driving plusure and its exterior looks are good but interior looks are dmm hot specially with the wooden panel in the centre console which gives the car premium look .
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      1 year ago | Shashank
    • Super
      It is a very good car excellent car interior is ver great stylish and exterior more super lik it black colour car when we go out at night it looks Awesome people are also seen very clearly.
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      1 year ago | Sharvan
    • C- CLASS, quality all around
      1. I have purchased the car in ANDHRA PRADESH and got it from ISUZU dealership in EAST GODAVARI dist. I was very eagerly waiting to experience the Mercedes, and finally, the time has come to take the brand new C-CLASS to my house. 2. The driving experience is very comfortable, love the way it really pulls out in the sport mode, the automatic gearbox really works Well. Nothing to worry about the ride and handling in this Mercedes, it gets into the control of the person behind the wheel. 3. The looks of the car are very attractive and the smooth design from the hood to the boot is very eye catchy, the new lights at the front and rear are really a major contribution to the looks of the car 4. Maintenance of the Mercedes is not Soo easy as it can lead to heavy bills under any kind of damage after warranty. The service network should be expanded to the Godavari districts as I need to travel nearly 200kms for the authorised service centre even for small damage 5. PROS: The interior quality, fit and finish are the top-notch, the infotainment, touch controls, instrument cluster feels very premium. Very comfortable to drive for long distances, good safety and electronic control features CONS: The boot gets occupied with a spare wheel and it consumes half of the boot. The rear passenger seats are not much comfortable for three people to sit. This is not a tall people's car as the headroom is an issue for driving as well as the rear-seat passengers.
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      1 year ago | Stp Sri Harsha
    • AMG Monster
      From buying experience to driving it on the roads this car is simply amazing had a few track days where my car showed it's real power that 503bhp engine ready to take on each and every turn that track had to offer turn off the traction control and then you can play with it. This is a proper drivers car if you don't pay attention you will regret it, as soon as you put your foot down its all go nothing will stop this car and that's the exciting part of this beauty and the plus side is as it's a Mercedes Benz there is luxury and calmness to this car the looks of it so amazing.
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      1 year ago | Ayush Sareen
    • Powerful beast
      In this segment this is the most powerful car and its built quality is superb and as its Mercedes-Benz so it gives you that premium legendary feeling and its stability is best and feature are best only one problem and that is tyres...its tyres are low profile so its not suitable for indian road bcz indian roads are uneven and it can damage tyre easily Otherwise its best car in its segment
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      1 year ago | Sid Patel
    • Probably the best in class
      The car is very smooth to ride, thanks to the 9-speed automatic transmission which makes the gears shift seamlessly and the steering wheel is also soo sharp. The acceleration is better than ever and the new c220d can go from 0 to 100 in 6.9 seconds. To add to the fun, paddle shifters are provided as standard. It comes with a lot of luxury, ambience, comfort and performance just like any other Mercedes Benz car. The dynamic modes are fun to play with. The sports+ mode makes the car go even faster with a little compromise in comfort while the comfort mode makes the gear shift early to save fuel and provide comfort. The front seats are very comfortable and resemble closely to the E class seats. The 18-inch alloy wheels make the ride even more comfortable, especially on speed breakers. Overall, this is the car for the ones who seek comfort, luxury, performance and stunning looks in their car. Highly recommended.
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      1 year ago | Shubh Patel
    • Car facilities
      In my 2 years of opinion in the budget car, I never seen, this car is looking very beautiful from some metre, this car is luxurious but fuel average is not too good but it is ok, so in my opinion, this car is the best car in India. Thank you very much.
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      1 year ago | Sujal Agrahari
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