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    Honda Jazz VX Diesel Long Term Report 2

    Authors Image

    Kapil Angane

    Honda Jazz Exterior

    Long Term Update 2

    We have crossed the 7,000-kilometre mark in our Honda Jazz and as you would expect, we have a pretty solid list of this car’s positives. It’s a big hatchback, after all, and we have not even scratched the surface of its versatility. It’s also easy to drive and even easier to look out of, yet while all that sounds impressive, after living with this car for over two months, there are a couple of flaws that I cannot get my head around. 

    The Jazz has been a brilliant daily driver, however, the one thing that bothers me every single time I get behind the wheel is the infotainment system, specifically its erratic volume control. You see, the + and - buttons besides the display function as you would expect, but even a single press of either button raises or lowers the music volume dramatically. This limited adjustment of volume is only getting more annoying by the day. 

    Secondly, the standard MRF ZVTV tyres on the Jazz not only offer decent grip, but also contribute towards a cushy ride quality. However, I find them extremely noisy, especially at highway speeds.

    Still, as I continue to add to the kilometres, the excellent all-around visibility is coming into its own. Thanks to the enormous front and side glass, it is extremely easy to navigate this fairly big hatch. Be it parking or driving across crowded junctions, visibility is never an issue and that’s what I like the most about our Jazz. 

    So what’s next? Well so far long journeys in the Jazz have been limited to the frequent Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai runs but I do have an 800-kilometre trip to Ratnagiri coming up soon. After all, when you have so much space and fuel range, why not make the most of it? 

    More on that in the next long-term update, so stay tuned.  


    Pictures by Kapil Angane and Kaustubh Gandhi


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