Bugatti Cars

    French automobile marquee Bugatti was founded back in 1909 by Ettore Bugatti. The company, which has its factory and headquarters located in Molsheim, Alsace, currently sells only one model, which is none other than the Chiron hypercar.

    The Bugatti Chiron was originally at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show and is based on the Vision Gran Turismo concept. Only 500 units of the Chiron will be built worldwide. In the past five years, Bugatti has unveiled various variants of the Chiron such as the Chiron Sport, Chiron Pur Sport, and the Chiron Super Sport. Also on offer are various other special edition models including the Chiron Sport Les Legendes Due Ciel, Chiron Edition Noire, Chiron Super Sport 300+, and the Chiron Sport 110 ANS.

    In July 2021, Buggati joined forces with Rimac, a Croatia-based electric carmaker. The headquarters for the new brand is set to open its doors in 2023, and is spread across an area of one lakh square metres, with an investment of 200 million euros.