Volvo XC60 [2021-2022] Mileage

    Volvo XC60 [2021-2022] mileage is 12.1 kmpl. The mileage of XC60 [2021-2022] Hybrid (Electric + Petrol) is 12.1 kmpl.

    XC60 [2021-2022] Mileage (Version Wise Mileage)

    XC60 [2021-2022] VersionsARAI MileageUser Reported Mileage

    XC60 [2021-2022] B5 Inscription

    1969 cc, Hybrid (Electric + Petrol), Automatic (TC), ₹ 65.90 Lakh
    12.1 kmplN/A

    Volvo XC60 [2021-2022] Hybrid Mileage

    Fuel TypeTransmissionARAI Mileage
    Hybrid (Electric + Petrol)

    (1969 cc)

    Automatic (TC)12.1 kmpl

    Volvo XC60 [2021-2022] Fuel Cost Calculator

    We help you calculate fuel expenses which you will incur by using Volvo XC60 [2021-2022]. To check your monthly fuel expenses you just have to enter distance in kms you travel in a day and fuel price in your area. As per current inputs, monthly fuel cost for XC60 [2021-2022] with mileage of 12.1 kmpl is ₹ 3,760.

    Your monthly fuel cost for Volvo XC60 [2021-2022] is:
    ₹ 3,760
    per month

    Volvo XC60 [2021-2022] Key Specifications

    Fuel TypeHybrid (Electric + Petrol)
    Engine1969 cc
    Power and Torque250 bhp & 350 Nm
    DriveTrain4WD / AWD
    Acceleration7.1 seconds
    Top Speed180 kmph

    Mileage related Tips and Advices

    Mileage FAQs on Volvo XC60 [2021-2022]

    Q: What is the average of Volvo XC60 [2021-2022]?

    The ARAI mileage of Volvo XC60 [2021-2022] is 12.1 kmpl

    Q: What is the monthly fuel cost for Volvo XC60 [2021-2022]?

    Assuming fuel price Rs. 80 per liter and an average of 100 km/ month, the monthly fuel cost for Volvo XC60 [2021-2022] will be Rs 661.16 per month. You can check your fuel cost for Volvo XC60 [2021-2022] here.

    Q: How can I get the best mileage from Volvo XC60 [2021-2022]?

    Extracting the best fuel economy involves practicing various techniques like judiciously modulating the throttle, limiting excessive gearshifts and turning-off the engine while you are idling in traffic. For detailed info on how to efficiently drive a car, click here for Manual, Automatic, CVT.