81758 यूज़्ड कार्स इन इंडिया

    With 81758 used cars in India from various models such as स्विफ्ट, वैगन आर, सिटी, क्रेटा, बलेनो, एलीट i20, ग्रैंड i10 etc. ranging from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 6.5 करोड़, CarWale offers you a great choice and value for your money on your used car purchase. The popular cities to buy a second hand car are मुंबई, बैंगलोर, दिल्ली, पुणे, नवी मुंबई. There are a total of 50 used car brands available like मारुति सुज़ुकी, हुंडई, महिंद्रा, होंडा, टाटा, टोयोटा, मर्सिडीज़ बेंज़ etc.

    Some of the popular used cars in India are:

    ModelSecond Hand Car Price
    मारुति सुज़ुकी स्विफ्ट (3303)Rs. 90,000 - 10.25 लाख
    मारुति सुज़ुकी वैगन आर (2836)Rs. 60,000 - 46.5 लाख
    होंडा सिटी (2605)Rs. 1 लाख - 20 लाख
    हुंडई क्रेटा (2363)Rs. 3 लाख - 22.5 लाख
    मारुति सुज़ुकी बलेनो (2181)Rs. 3 लाख - 11 लाख
    हुंडई एलीट i20 (1897)Rs. 2.75 लाख - 12 लाख
    हुंडई ग्रैंड i10 (1851)Rs. 1.6 लाख - 7.35 लाख

    Second hand cars in India summary:

    Most popular citiesमुंबई, बैंगलोर, दिल्ली
    Total second hand cars81758
    Second hand petrol cars44371
    Second hand diesel cars34095
    Second hand CNG cars2271
    Second hand electric cars461
    Second hand manual cars58603
    Second hand automatic cars22890
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    • What is the starting price of a used car in India?

      81758 used cars are available in India starting from Rs. 45,000.
    • What are the popular second hand car models?

      स्विफ्ट, वैगन आर, सिटी, क्रेटा, बलेनो, एलीट i20, ग्रैंड i10 , i10, स्विफ्ट डिज़ायर, विटारा ब्रेज़ा are the popular second hand car models.
    • What are the popular cities to buy second hand cars?

    • Why buy a second hand car?

      Second hand cars offer excellent value for money. CarWale has a large number of 81758 second hand cars of your choice in India listed so you can make an informed purchase.

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