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Ertiga is luvv.... - Maruti Suzuki Ertiga VDi 1.3 Diesel Review

A user review on मारुति सुजुकी अर्टिगा. Written by Subir dinda on 03 December, 2018

प्राइस: ₹ 7.59 - 10.13L
एक्स-शोरूम, नई दिल्ली
Subir dinda's Ratings
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  • समस्त
  • दिखावट
  • परफ़ॉर्मेंस
  • रिक्ति/आराम
  • फ़्यूल इकोनॉमी
  • वैल्यू फ़ॉर मनी
वर्ज़न रिव्यू : वीडीआई 1.3 डीज़ल
ख़रीदारी : नई
परिचय : कुछ हजार किलोमीटर

Full Review

Since it was our first car we were pretty confused on buying a perfect fit for our family ,but little did we knew we would come across maruti ertiga .We purchased it from ghatkopar fortpoint and the experience was pleasant, they helped us on getting our queries solved and making us understand which car suited our family the best. 2) I own a disel vdi variant . As soon as u start riding it u come to know how smooth the engine is ,even though I ride the disel engine and still it's not noisy.In city u need to shift the gears quite often which is a tiring one but the highways will make u feel like you are just sailing on the roads. Get a decent speed and let the car roll .The car definitely struggles in lower rpms but after 4000 it just leaps. I personally felt the engine could have been better in disel variant it just lags many a times and overtaking should only be done under good hands . 3)Well the looks won't make u drool but definitely not and ugly one. I personally love it's look ,simple and subtle. It was just launched during my purchase and I had few other options in mind but we'll I just couldn't take my eyes out of it .As I said mine one is disel vdi variant , so it had all the necessary features but not like the zdi one. So first I will talk about exterior and then the interior one . A) There are not too many cuts and creases and it didn't even required one, it was a perfect family car for outings and so . The outer was simple and nothing much to describe as of ,the tires are pretty decent 185/65 ,the ground clearance definitely has a thumps up, the radio antenna if would have been a shark fin one then would be a better ,the front and rear bumpers and orvms are of the body colour so looks nice ,I like the front part of the car it's nicely sculpted to give u a more pleasing look .I wished some crome work on the front grills and all which they have done in the upgraded one .Overall it doesn't look that bulky from outside but rather a compact one which I really loved . B) The Main things are the interior, I mean u step inside and u feel it's a big one afterall it's a 7 seater .The seats are really comfortable specially the diver and the co driver side . The inside is 2 tone major of beige color which looks classy but gets dirty very easily.the descriptions are of vdi 2012 model . It had basic entertainment system but very useful ,it had a radio ,aux and 3.5mm Jack input , one car charger no buttons on sterring. The orvms were electronically adjustable , a glove box with decent spacing inside . The air conditionong is good but could have been better ,u can only say it when its a hot weather outside and u have left your car out also because the rear vents are blowers not ac vents so at times it takes some good time to cool the car down .There were 2 reading lights one in the front and one on the back ,the seats being comfortable helps to do long runs at a stretch. The middle seats are 60:40 split ,they provide good seating postions for 3 people and it's comfortable ,well if 2 are seating u can get the armrest down. The third row is for 2 adults as u can count the no of seating,i personally have done a lot of trips with my friends ranging from few hundred kms and mostly its only 2 adults seating at the last, well in my opinion try to make less heighted people sit at the back cause it's kind of congested over there ,if u have poverty striken friends then 3 people can also adjust at the back making it 8 people ,but try not to overload the car or the riding will suffer. The suspensions do thier job pretty well. The boot space is very less don't expect to get some heavy baggage over there ,the car is compact and it can be seen at back end of the car .The instrument cluster is very functional and gives u all the basic details like the trip meter ,avg of the car ,distance to empty and etc. The average of the car is good C) The performance from the 1248cc with 89bhp is pretty good ,as I said earlier this is a mpv so don't expect to do a 0 to 100 in 4 sec , in cities it's absolutely no problem and its maneuverability is nice After being such a big car ,on highways it really shows it true color . Doing 140 is not at all a problem with the car ,even its handling is awesome ,the power steering has got a good feedback ,well but be sure to drive it safely at very high speeds it gets a bit unstable if not handled properly ,the driving is simply a pleasure in this car being an underpower it still manages to make u smile the entire journey with it's sheer performance . 4)O yaar it's a maruti ,the servicing and maintenance is always a bliss . The parts are readily available and the best part Is that u have lots of service centres all over and in any case if it gets breakdown in the middle there are garages that will fix u up easily. The parts are not very expensive . The yearly maintenance of the cars hardly burns down your pocket .My running is less or so I can say later became less so my yearly maintenance is under 10k which considering the car is not at all a bad thing . 5)pros - 1) Budget friendly big car even the higher models now have got tonnes of options and upgrades . 2)servicing and maintenance are on the positive side. 3) Has got good ground clearance which is very necessary in Indian road conditions . 4)Pretty stable on most of the terrains even with full load it attains a good speed and the brakes are very well to bring down the speed . 5) ABS was offered even in vdi for which I was very happy. 6)Seats are soft and driving is immensely pleasurable with the comfort provided by it. Cons - 1) The engine seems a bit underpower ,afterall the same engine is for swift ,considering the size of the car a bigger engine would have been justified. 2) The third row seems a bit cramped out for longer travels . 3)AC needed to be a bit more powerful considering the cabin size . 4)Button on steering were only in higher models and lack of cruise control. 5)sound isolation would have been better ,outside noises are very audible along with engine and cabin noise . My verdict is that of being the very first of the customers of buying this car and driving it for all these years was just a wonderful thing and seeing it changing every year not getting discontinued (lol) seems nice ,Numerous iterations have been there now and the 2018 model is just jaw dropping with its interiors and exteriors( I guess all my cons were resolved with 2018 model)with all features and all is excellent.The cars success can be seen by the number of ertigas on road.So if u wish to buy an ertiga just don't overthink it and get urself a test drive and see what meant.
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