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    डैटसन कार की क़ीमत सबसे सस्ते मॉडल के लिए 3.83 Lakh से शुरू होती है, जो रेडी-गो है और सबसे महंगे मॉडल की क़ीमत, जो गो+ है, 4.26 Lakh रुपए से शुरू होती है। भारत में डैटसन के 3 कार मॉडल्स हैं, जिसमें हैचबैक श्रेणी में 2 कार्स, एमयूवी श्रेणी में 1 कार्स शामिल हैं।.

    Automobile brand Datsun was launched in 1931. The company, owned by Nissan, made its debut in India in 2014. The company produces its models at the Renault-Nissan plant located in Oragadam, Chennai.

    The models in Datun’s range for India include the Go, Go Plus and the Redi-Go. The Go and Go Plus were introduced in the Indian market in 2014, followed by the launch of the Redi-Go in 2016. While the Go and Go Plus are available in manual and CVT gearbox options, the Redi-Go is available in manual and AMT gearbox options.

    Datsun has not revealed any details regarding its plans for electrification of its products. The company will update its models to comply with BS-VI norms before it comes into effect by 1 April 2020. The company had showcased the Go Cross at the 2016 Auto Expo, although there are no details regarding the launch of the model.

    डैटसन की भारत में कार की प्राइस की सूची (जुलाई 2021)

    डैटसन गो+ ₹ 4.26 लाख
    डैटसन रेडी-गो ₹ 3.83 लाख
    डैटसन गो ₹ 4.03 लाख

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    प्रश्न: भारत में सबसे कम प्राइस वाली डैटसन कार कौन-सी है?

    भारत में सबसे कम प्राइस वाली डैटसन कार रेडी-गो है, जिसकी प्राइस ₹ 3.83 लाख है।

    प्रश्न: भारत में सबसे महंगी डैटसन कार कौन-सी है?

    भारत में सबसे महंगी डैटसन कार गो+ है, जिसकी प्राइस ₹ 4.26 लाख है।

    प्रश्न: डैटसन द्वारा लॉन्च की गई नवीनतम कार कौन-सी है?

    डैटसन द्वारा लॉन्च की गई नवीनतम कार रेडी-गो 28 May 2020 को है।

    प्रश्न: भारत में सबसे लोकप्रिय डैटसन कार्स कौन-सी हैं?

    भारत में सबसे लोकप्रिय डैटसन कार्स गो+, रेडी-गो और गो हैं।

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    • Honest Review of Datsun Go Plus T
      This car is good to drive as it is 1198 CC engine, if regular standard service is done every 6 month or according to user manual then you have no issues with the car. The only minus point is the AC it's okay for those in front seat but not in the...
      पूरा पढ़ें
    • Don't think just purchase it
      Amazing car in the budget. Must take a test drive for this car it simply is awesome. I am using it since 2019 and still it is giving good performance. Loved it. I can proudly say it is best in this segment.
      पूरा पढ़ें
    • Amazing car, must buy!
      1. Nice car under hatchback segment. Cost of a car is comparatively low. 2. Driving is so comfortable and smooth. ABS system is so amazing. 3. The look is dazzling. Stylish. Alloy wheel gives more attraction. Petrol consumption is ok with A/C. 4....
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    • Family Car
      Very best family car in low budget , Amazing look and colors options. Electronic Display. Good looking headlamps . Awesome feel when we travel with family for picnic . Enjoyable Unforgettable Moments .
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    • Comfortable car
      I drive this car last two month without any problems. Excellent car for small family. I used this car daily for office going. Its mileage also very good and my mother also drive this car smoothly in traffic very easily so it is good and safe for my...
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