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Build a Dream Car Online

Monday, September 27, 2010 6:36 PM by
Build a Dream Car Online

While surfing the net for some automotive news today morning, we happened to stumble upon something that was not only interesting but something that will keep your automotive brains racking and we just felt like sharing this with you all - our dear readers. The website  helps you piece together a car from scratch as if you were building it in your own workshop with a basket of parts.

You have to register to sign in once you are on the website. The registration process is quick and once you have registered  you will get a conformation email with a link attached which will take you to level one where you piece together different components (engine, gearbox, suspension, brake etc) of the rolling chassis.

Knowing where the engine components, the suspension bits, the turbo charger and the rest of the parts go is the challenge here. Similarly once you complete each level you will get another email that will take you to the next level - which is interiors and then finally the exteriors. If you place a part in the wrong area there is a tutorial that explains you the feature/component of the car (we constantly got the turbocharger wrong!)

Each level has a set of points and the more points you earn the better the chances of you winning an all expense paid 10-day trip anywhere in India in the real car. We played this game and were surprised that the car was none other than the new upcoming Tata  vehicle - we think its the Tata Aria. The points you earn help you unlock certain interior trim bits which you have to buy with your points. So for all those who want to know more about the car, what better way to do it than piecing it together one by one.

There is ofcourse a small tutorial to guide you through the components, but for those who think that they know the car inside out, well feel free to take up the challenge. This is an interesting way to showcase the vehicle and we applaud the people who have made this possible. So, do log on and have some fun just like we did!

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