Comparison Test: Fiat Punto Vs Skoda Fabia Vs Tata Indica Vista Vs Volkswagen Polo

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Fiat Punto Vs Skoda Fabia Vs Tata Indica Vista Vs Volkswagen Polo

In India 1.2-litre engines rule the petrol hatchback roost. But what about the odd guy who wants something other than the run of the mill? Here are four hatchbacks that the odd guy defi nitely needs to check out….

Out of sight, out of mind. It’s an old English adage that basically tells you that if you don’t see something often enough chances are you’ll forget it exists. Although it's difficult to realise how one could apply this old saying to the automotive scene, in reality nowhere is this better exemplified than in the petrol hatchback segment in India. You must be wondering what on earth is this guy jabbering about. But if you are willing to be patient then I am willing to explain.

You see whenever there is a situation where someone wants to buy a petrol hatchback one always tends to think about all the little hatches with 1.2-litre mills under their bonnets. And why not? In a world where petrol prices seem to be headed for the moon and maybe even higher, the smaller and the more efficient the engine the better it is for the pocket. It’s a simple case of mathematics, this one.

But what about the guy who wants his head to follow where his heart leads? Is there something for him as well, the guy who wants to buy something different, more enjoyable? As it turns out, he too has a choice. And not just the one other option for the odd man out.

No, it appears he can choose from between four different cars from four different manufacturers, one from Germany, one from the Czech Republic, one from Italy and one from home turf. So you have the Volkswagen Polo ’s 1.6-litre “hot” version, the Skoda Fabia 1.6, a 1.4-litre petrol engine variant of the Fiat Punto and our very own Tata Indica Vista 90PS.

But as with every other comparison of cars, the key question here again is which of these “different” options should out odd man out put his money on? Something that would serve the dual purposes of his mundane daily commute as well as bringing a grin on his face each time he decides to have some fun? To find the answer to these questions we did the only sensible thing we could think of. We brought them together and pitted them against each other to see which one makes the best buy. May the best car win!

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