8 इंदौर में यूज़्ड निसान कार्स

    We have 8 used निसान cars for sale in इंदौर. The cheapest निसान car available in इंदौर is the used निसान माइक्रा which is available at Rs. 1.82 लाख.
    In addition to निसान cars, you can explore other similar used car brands in the city such as - 46 used फ़ोर्ड cars, 33 used टोयोटा cars, 27 used रेनो cars, 16 used स्कोडा cars. You can also check out some of the new निसान Cars.
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    Some of the popular निसान second hand car models are:

    ModelPrice Range
    निसान मैग्नाइट (3)Rs. 6.3 लाख - 8.6 लाख
    निसान किक्स (2)Rs. 10.11 लाख - 13 लाख
    निसान माइक्रा (1)Rs. 1.82 लाख - 1.82 लाख
    निसान सनी (1)Rs. 4 लाख - 4 लाख
    निसान टेरानो (1)Rs. 3.63 लाख - 3.63 लाख
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    सामान्य प्रश्न

    • How many used निसान cars are available in इंदौर?

      8 pre owned cars are available in इंदौर.
    • What is the starting price of a second hand निसान car in इंदौर?

      8 used cars are available in इंदौर starting from Rs. 1.82 लाख.
    • What are the popular models for 2nd hand निसान cars available in इंदौर?

      मैग्नाइट, किक्स, माइक्रा are the popular models for second hand निसान available in इंदौर.
    • How many direct owner second hand निसान cars are available in इंदौर?

      5 direct owner 2nd hand cars are available in इंदौर.

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