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    Get fair and unbiased price quote for your used car using our second hand car valuation calculator. You can also list your car on CarWale's portal to सबसे बेहतर क़ीमत पर बेचें। हमारे पोर्टल पर पुरानी कार को लिस्ट करना बिल्कुल मुफ़्त है।

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    • What is Used Car Valuation?

      The price of any car over the years depreciates and is dependent upon various factors that determine the resale value of the car. These factors range from year of purchase, make, model, kilometers driven and overall condition of the car. Used car valuation incorporates all these factors into the pricing model that takes into account data from millions of buyers & sellers of used cars on CarWale to determine the most accurate price range for your car.
    • Why is CarWale the best website for Used Car Valuation?

      CarWale is the best website to determine the value of your used car since we use data from millions of genuine buyers & sellers across the country in our pricing models to determine the most accurate prices for your used car. Also, we make sure that this data is updated regularly to have a more accurate picture of your used car valuation.
    • Do I have to pay or register for using Car Valuation tool?

      No, you do not have to register to use the Car Valuation tool. The Used car price calculator is FREE to use.
    • What are the popular cities for buying a second hand car?

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