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    मीन मेटल मोटर्स कार्स

    मीन मेटल मोटर्स is an upcoming car brand which is soon to make entry in the Indian car market. In its India product line-up, मीन मेटल मोटर्स has 1 upcoming car - Azani. मीन मेटल मोटर्स brand's 1st upcoming car Azani is expected to launch soon in India at an expected price of ₹ 88.00 लाख.

    Mean Metal Motors is an Indian automotive startup which hopes to enter the market with a big bang with its halo product – the Azani all-electric supercar. In the works since 2014, the 22-member company is taking the top-down approach to make high-quality, but affordable Made-in-India electric cars a reality. The Azani supercar boasts of amazing performance and range figures, and is slated to be unveiled in the second half of 2022.

    मीन मेटल मोटर्स की भारत में कार की प्राइस की सूची (अक्टूबर 2021)

    मीन मेटल मोटर्स Azani ₹ 88.00 लाख

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